De-Evolution is Real!

Working in a Coal Mine



Chris we are up to working in a coal mine. Just 5 more tracks for this album!

Jon Oh nice.

Chris You ready to rumble?

Jon Yeah! Count it down.

Chris Alright! We’re talking about working in a coal mine in 3. 2. 1. Now. The sung riff lol.

Jon Very similar to the final studio version so far honestly.

Chris Yeah.

Jon If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it I suppose.

Chris I think it’s a classic. Sounds great.

Jon Do you remember that weird short-lived Fred Savage sitcom that used this as its theme?

Chris Haha no.

Jon With footage from Metropolis as the opening credit visuals.

Chris Holy crap. This sounds insane.

Jon Nah it was a totally normal sitcom iirc. It was just called “WORKING”.

Chris Lol.

Jon But whoever designed that intro…spirit animal.

Chris Haha nice, that’s awesome.

Chris Mmm yeah. So this is the first big cover Devo did?

Jon This or Satisfaction yeah. Or Secret Agent Man.

Chris Yeah never mind.


Chris Lol yeah I need to take a damn CLASS.

Jon The lord I am so tired part feels less weird in this one. The studio one feels borderline racist? I guess it could just be a southern accent but knowing Jerry’s proclivity for extremely racist masks coupled with this kinda voice…

Chris Yeah I mean fair. It’s interesting that they had a good song and waited until 4 albums in to release.

Jon Right?? It’s so strange when people sit on things. But maybe it’s just wise. This also was a pack-in 45, not on the album. I think.

Chris Oh that’s right.

Jon Not to nitpick, but that’s what this blog is. Jon flexin’ Devo trivia nuts.

Chris It was released on Heavy Metal?

Jon Oh that sounds right also. I need to re watch that. Speaking of problematic fun.

Chris Yeah that movie is very problematic lol. Because the song was successful in the movie soundtrack the record company packed it in with New Traditionalists.

Jon Good lookin’ out, WB. We need more “aliens snorting coke and trying to drive straight” animation in 2018.

Chris Haha. Aliens who’s bodies are designed around the ability to snort coke, seemingly.

Jon Hahaha seriously. I feel bad having so little to say about this since it’s so close to the later version. Other than like “proud of ya, kids”

Chris Haha yeah. Yeah that’s alright. We’ll say more about the song on the album cut.

Jon Definitely.