De-Evolution is Real!




Jon Do we wanna move on to Uglatto?

Chris Alright here we go. 3. 2. 1. Go.

Jon Now we get full on punk.

Chris Sounds like the Clash.

Jon Ramones level.

Chris Ooh ooh, another hairdoo. That is not a punk lyric haha.

Jon What if Joe Strummer or Joey Ramone were less confident singers. Warblier.

Chris Yeah. Also the riff never changes haha. So maybe a punk rebuke? Like, “oh you think your dumb simple? Hold my beer”

Jon Maybe! We get another potato mention though, and a lot of weird race-based talk.

Chris Yeahh. Not sure what’s going on with that crap.

Jon They seemed to have a thing for outmoded ethnography. Yeah.

Jon The roman nose, the “negroid” and “mongoloid”.

Chris Right right. Not sure what the purpose there is? Like, they don’t directly satirize that. At most it’s a vector to satirize something else.

Jon Yeah I rarely know quite what they’re going for exactly, but there’s always a certain feeling (usually a kind of discomfort) evoked.

Chris Yeah, same. Could be the benefit of distance and cultural progression, but like, people are still people, no? Idk if that made sense.

Jon Good on them, for that. As much as their are un-PC missteps / a total lack of regard about that.

Chris Yeah. This song’s lyrics also feel like they went, “Okay, what rhymes with Uglatto?”

Jon Yeah. Kinda shocked that Mulatto didn’t make an appearance in the lyrics.

Chris Yeah. Or potato.

Jon Nirvana filled that void later though.

Chris Yeah, someone’s got to carry the banner, apparently. They got tomato. Nirvana were influenced by Devo, although I think I’d be grasping at straws if I tried to draw any closer comparison.

Jon Kurt was def a Devo fan, they covered a b-side on Incesticide I think. Or wherever it was first released.

Chris Oh which one?

Jon Here:

Jon I think it was the Whip It b-side even. Definitely Freedom of Choice era.

Chris Oh interesting. Soundgarden also covered Girl U Want. Which they released as a B Side.

Jon Nice.