De-Evolution is Real!

U Got Me Bugged



Chris I’m ready to go get bugged!

Jon Count it down!

Chris Okay! 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Fun Atari-ish noises to start.

Chris Yeah. Some real Devo at the top. The mechanical synth stuff. Mimicking a machine.

Jon Hell yeah. That’s what I’m here for. Gimme the robot music that all but predicts steampunk.

Chris Haha. Was Neuromancer out then?

Jon Nah that was 84 I think?

Chris Ah ok.

Jon Also that’s CYBERpunk, jeez.

Chris Haha sorry!

Jon Unintelligible vox. I’m okay with it though.

Chris Same. But yeah, the lyrics I cannot make out.

Jon Unless we look it up and he’s like “ohh yah, love that poon tang”.

Chris With the 2 lead in songs I’m not hopeful about the lyrics haha.

Jon Haha. Hopefully it’s like “i’m a lonely machine” style horny as opposed to “cucumbers wrapped and rude” horny.

Chris Gotcha. And I’m okay not hearing the lyrics, more generally. To me music is about the music part, and the lyrics are a cherry on top.

Jon Yes. That was a quick one.

Chris Ooh, just flops right out. Did you look up the lyrics.

Jon Haha nope.

Chris It’s interesting that they keyed into the robot thing so much. Because that concept would only grow and grow in the conciousness. But also not really change?

Jon Absolutely.

Chris Like, our concept of robots and AI hasn’t really shifted all that much since the late ‘60s. At least from the pop culture perspective.

Jon Oh true. The layperson/artist perspective.

Chris Even though we actually live with AI now. It’s more invisible. A prominent computer scientist who I forget the name of said that AI is just the name we give to machine intelligence we haven’t invented yet. Which I thought was interesting.

Jon Yeah that feels about right.

Chris I did just look up the lyrics.

Chris Idk if I betrayed anything.

Jon Nah you’re fine. A better researcher than I, if anything.

Chris Lol I guess. The lyrics are all just a jilted lover. Basically “you broke my heart”. But a robot version.

Jon Par for the course.

Chris Yeah. This one might be in a way one of the more radical tracks on this collection.

Jon Oh yeah?

Chris Offensive lyrics? Sure, but other artists have said worse. Instrumentals? That’s a thing that is sometimes popular. Incomprehensible vox lyrics? People don’t know what to do with that.

Jon Oh true enough. At that time especially.

Chris Yeah, exactly. Because there is full lyrics the whole way through. Even if it was released today there’s no way it would be a mainstream song. Which is ultimately where Devo would get to.