De-Evolution is Real!

Too Much Paranoias



Chris: Okay, let’s get into Too Much Paranoias in 3. 2. 1. Now! True to it’s name.

Jon: Continuing in the same jerky riff vein. Heavy Hardcore vibes here. Just faster.

Chris: Kicks off side two with a slam of anxiety. I think this is the most “listener hostile” song on the record.

Jon: Haha yes. I wonder if Burger King cared about the jingle borrowing.

Chris: Haha, yeah, I bet they didn’t like it. But parody law?

Jon: I love the little deconstruction parts of the song. That one part always feels like it’s gonna launch into Purple Haze.

Chris: Ha yeah it does feel like it could go into something else entirely. Just bending notes and heavy riff punctuations.

Jon: This song definitely nails TV loneliness / exhaustion.

Chris: Absolutely. The bass part mimicking stomach distress.

Jon: And another hard stop setting up the next song wonderfully.

Chris: Yeah, just boom. Really short song. Under 2 minutes.

Jon: Power move.

Chris: Sets an even more hard-edged tone for side 2.

Jon: Full frontal attack. But then Gut Feeling is gonna loosen up that impacted colon.

Chris: Building this wild energy with no where to go. Yeah, I think this is one of the best sequencing decisions the band ever made, personally. Starting off this side with the panic, and having the guts to start the side with it.

Jon: Yeah this album is a master class in sequencing. I wish I could come close to this with mix tapes I’ve made for girls. Maybe less anxious sounding. But you know.

Chris: Haha, yeah. We all wish our romantic mix tapes were better sequenced.

Jon: Amen. At least none of us ever put “I Need a Chick” on them.

Chris: Yeah, that is a relief. Although, I did put Zappa on one once. Not a great move under the best of circumstances.

Jon: Risky but I can see it being acceptable given how much there is to pick from.

Chris: I THINK it was worth an eyebrow raise? In hindsight?

Jon: He had some harmless satires of doo wop. Heh, love songs. Who needs em. (please date me).

Chris: Hahaha. That describes a good chunk of my adolescence.

Jon: Ohh same here. (deep sigh)

Chris: Lol.