De-Evolution is Real!

Timing X



Chris: Alright, we are talking Timing X in 3, 2, 1, now!

Jon: Second badass instrumental of the album. Front loaded.

Chris: Lol yeah. Fun little synth run.

Jon: Also some time signature fuckery.

Chris: Then the bass.

Jon: Reminiscent of prog.

Chris: Yeah. Tone sounds the same as anthem. But it’s got more energy.

Jon: True. With more pep.

Chris: More build.

Jon: Haha.

Jon: More drums, too.

Chris: And space synths at the end. It really gets big at the end.

Jon: And an abrupt ending setting up Wiggly World.

Chris: Yep!

Jon: Yeah the little lasers, haha.

Chris: More links!


Chris: I really love this tune.

Jon: This song was a fave of mine from the beginning, yeah.

Chris: I always wanted it to keep going.

Jon: I almost wish there were more weird little 1:15-ish instrumentals on their records.

Chris: But part of the appeal is they leave you wanting more I think.

Jon: Valid.

Chris: Yeah I think that would be really good to have these little links. These short instrumentals. Things you couldn’t sustain for a whole song.

Jon: It’s almost like a little “hey we’ll be right back after this commercial sting.”

Chris: Right.

Jon: The Monkees recorded those when the reruns were airing in the 70s. Little jingles. Not to shoehorn in another band.

Chris: I actually think this song is catchy enough to be a full song, but at a minute plus you get this tight arc.

Chris: Oh whoa.

Jon: And a laid back alternate one:

Jon: But anyway haha. RIP Peter Tork. Much love.

Chris: Yeah, man. That one’s still fresh.

Jon: But yeah Timing X feels like a cool Saturday morning cartoon thing, to me.

Chris: Yeah. I’d watch the cartoon of this theme. Begs for another mash up, haha. I don’t have a strong idea for it though, so I’m not volunteering for this one.

Jon: Considering the things that DID have cartoon tie-ins, it’s silly that Devo never had a shot at that. Lookin’ at you toxic avenger.

Chris: Wait, really?

Jon: That movie was all tits and blind jokes.

Chris: That was a cartoon?

Chris: Whoaaaa. It’s like a full cartoon. Troma made this thing?

Jon: Yeah, it’s bizarre. I think there was even a video game.

Chris: Holy crap. What a very specific time.

Jon: Haha right??

Chris: I bet if Devo hit in the late 80s/early 90s they would have a cartoon and a cereal. Action figures, the whole thing.

Jon: Well they did eventually have action figures but that was kinda post-nerd-chic boom. Doesn’t count.

Chris: Yeah, I mean marketed to kids.

Jon: We need Kenner reusing Han Solo to be Bob1.

Chris: Haha. That’s right.

Jon: Anyway now that I’ve linked a ton of unrelated shit: Timing X slays, I love it.

Chris: Yeah it’s great. And it sets up Wiggly World.

Jon: Very well.

Chris: Keeping their link streak.