De-Evolution is Real!

The Rope Song



Chris Let’s rope it up. In 3. 2. 1. Go! Another catchy song!

Jon Yeah!

Chris Almost like a synth didgeridoo.

Jon Blues/folk-y.

Chris Yeah.

Jon I can see a 12min Grateful Dead version of this.

Chris Oh man haha. Yeah they’d blow this out.

Jon Jerry C. can sound like Jerry G. sometimes vocally, too.

Chris That riff over the chorus is pretty sweet. What is making that digital didgeridoo sound? The one high up in the mix?

Jon Synthesizer with a certain filter/envelope I reckon.

Chris Yeah makes sense.

Jon I know I could recreate that if you gave me like an hour, haha.

Chris Nice! Yeah they never used that sound again, I don’t think?

Jon Not really, no.

Chris Okay, the lyrics. Are about how he literally ties this woman to him. So he knows where she is always? But it’s insurance?

Jon Haha yeah…but she WANTS to be there. The narrator is abusive as hell, haha.

Chris Yeah, it’s that weird abusive sexism that was not uncommon of the time (or anytime, really) where the man is like, “oh, she fucking loves it, but also she can’t leave. Everything is cool.”

Jon Man, did you ever see The Knack… and How to Get It?

Chris No.

Jon Whole movie is about a dude with that mindset, and his nervous friend who’s like “uhhhhhh…. but that sounds shitty” Dude who directed A Hard Day’s Night.

Chris Richard Lester?

Jon Yep!

Chris Damn.

Jon Won the Palme d’Or at Cannes too I think. Weird movie, but good I think?

Chris Cool. Strange. And who is the protagonist?

Jon I think the nervous friend? But both of them kinda. It’s a Withnail & I kinda vibe. Another Beatles adjacent movie, coincidentally.

Chris Via The Knack? Or is the title not music related?

Jon I think Harrison produced Withnail & I.

Chris Ahh oh I see.

Jon Nah I don’t think so / if anything the band was named for the film.

Chris Right right. I just assumed since it was Richard Lester and he’s all about music or some shit. That and giving superman weird powers.

Jon Hahaha.