De-Evolution is Real!

Stop Look and Listen



Chris Here’s the count off. 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon The riff reminds me of Jocko Homo. Very scalar.

Chris Yeah. It’s got a 50s surf vibe. Especially in the chorus.

Jon The song itself feels like Soo Bawls 2.

Chris Hmm interesting.

Jon We get more D-E-V-O sing-spelling too. And an Ohio shout out.

Chris Yeah that same high pitch.

Jon Oh definitely. More plumbing talk too!

Chris I know. It’s a fun melody too.

Jon Yeah this is a song I revisit a lot. Of the hardcore exclusives.

Chris If I heard this song at 13 I would have been in love.

Jon Haha.

Chris A band talking about taking a massive shit? In. It’s very listenable. And while it sounds like a certain period of music, Devo never replicated this sound, as far as I know.

Jon Yeah we don’t get a lot of this vibe.

Chris So if you want to listen to Devo and surf boogie, here’s your choice.

Jon Although: they did have a side project called the Wipeouters. Which WAS all surf stuff. I have the LP somewhere.

Chris Oh wow really? I just picture those early 60s teen beach videos. I didn’t know about that. What era did they put that record out?


Chris Oh wow. I’ll have to check that out. Maybe we should get into that when we hit it chronologically.

Jon Sure!

Chris It’s almost all of Devo. But anyway, anything more to add to this one?

Jon Not that I can think of, really.