De-Evolution is Real!

Space Junk



Chris: Okay, let’s check out some space junk in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon: Different sonics to this one. Harmonics almost. Overtones floating around.

Chris: Yeah, different tone. “I never touched \ Her”, Always raised my eyebrow.

Jon: Yeah fair enough. And then the weird list part.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Denial of wrongdoing lyrics. Excuses.

Chris: Devo’s lists are set to disconcerting music lol.

Jon: 100% Tex-ass. Kans-ass.

Jon: Always a favorite of mine, that part.

Chris: Haha, yeah.

Jon: The weird radio muttering, I almost never noticed.

Chris: The stereo in this song is really great.

Jon: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, it’s in that right channel and is hard to spot.

Jon: ALMOST a conventional rock and roll ending. But then that weird chord.

Chris: Yeah exactly. It continues this trend of building up something that never QUITE happens.

Jon: Haha yes! They love messing with traditional expectations of the form. I think.

Chris: Yeah for sure. The end is different than the 3 preceding songs. Because there is a lot of convention here. We are pointing out the subversion, but you need to be able to follow the form to be able to throw expectations. It’s not like, experimental music. There’s real hooks and movements etc.

Jon: Yeah. Just…off.

Chris: What I think is really amazing is that it engages you on a primal level the way, among other genes, rock n roll does, but also subverts. But that subversion is somehow primal. You don’t have to think about it. You can, and you get something from it. But it’s there in the music.

Jon: True! Always important, to be able to take something or leave it. And still enjoy a tune.

Chris: Right exactly. If I NEED to think about a song to enjoy it, I don’t enjoy it. Maybe that’s be being an…idk, anti-elitist? I’m not sure. But I need my music to hit me in the gut before I care about the brain.

Jon: I think it’s reasonable.

Chris: Sick.

Jon: Even the avant garde shit I like, still has to kinda hit me on a visceral level.

Chris: Yes exactly.

Jon: Purely cerebral wanking is boring. Cough Zappa cough. Shit on zappa dot net.

Chris: Haha. I respect that even while I 33% disagree with it.

Jon: Haha yeah.

Chris: Also, is available.

Jon: Excellent! .net is underutilized imo.

Chris: Damn right it is. People think of it as a poor man’s dot com. But on space junk, I just want to again point to the sequence. All these songs are pretty up tempo, and agitated, but still form a pleasing arc without sounding too same-y.

Jon: The weird isolated chord at the end kinda sets up Mongoloid nicely yeah. Okay simmer down, it says.

Chris: Right, exactly. This song has such a swirling energy. Anyway, it’s great.

Jon: Yeah it just escalates constantly. Like the endless stairs in Mario 64

Chris: Ha right.

Jon: (fuckin’ nerd)

Chris: Then just goes hard to the classic rock too long outro thing.

Jon: Haha yes. Yeah I’m all for every song, so far.

Chris: Oh hell yeah. No bad apple in the bunch.

Jon: These are the times to be mindful and appreciative, discography wise, haha. All killer no filler.