De-Evolution is Real!

Soo Bawls



Jon Hey, I’m just gonna say fuck to windows’ balls and tell it to restart later. All right! Soo Bawls. Lemme know when you wanna synchronize the start.

Chris OK folks, we’re doing something a little bit different, in that we’re listening to the song together and speaking about it while we listen. Instead of listening to it independently, and then talking about it later. However, we are both still in different cities.

Jon An important distinction to make.

Chris Very important. So we need to sync on how we’re playing the song at the same time.

Chris Okay, so I think we should go old school and setup the song, then say “GO” or something.

Jon You ready to start a countdown?

Chris Yeah let’s do a countdown.

Jon I’m ready when you are.

Chris Down from 3. Shit I’m not ready.

Jon Well get ready!

Chris Okay I am ready.

Jon Nice.

Chris You wanna do the count?

Jon Count it off.

Chris Yes. Okay. 3. 2. 1. Go.

Jon I like the off-kilter riff it starts with.

Chris Yes totally.

Jon “everybody wants her toilet” though—starting off strong with the gross.

Chris lol yeah it is. It’s a little more off kilter than the album cut. It’s this pretty horny song, but also subversive in how they make it gross.

Jon It’s also funny how they never returned to the term “Huboon” really. Maybe one other song.

Chris Yeah what is that?.

Jon Human/baboon, I believe. De-evolved man.

Chris Ahh right. That makes a lot of sense.

Jon Yeah, they slip that in. Otherwise it sounds like your friend’s garage band, but, they were at this point I guess.

Chris “one taste of her toilet water”. The riff over “soo bawls” sounds more lonely than the album cut to my mind.

Jon Yeah, more neurotic almost.

Chris Absolutely.

Jon OCD riffage.

Chris I think lyrically it’s a take off on the macho songs of the time. Where they would be like, “this girl is making us all crazy!”

Jon Yeah, it’s like if ZZ Top were sketchy as hell. She got LEGS…and some good toilet water.

Chris Haha, yeah. I’d argue it maintains the same power dynamics between men and women that those other 70s songs do, but they do subvert it in other ways.

Jon I also enjoy the Muppet-like “1, 2, 3, 4, tell the people what she wore”. Like an even sketchier friend is poking his head in to hear more details.

Chris Haha, yeah agree on the Muppet bit.

Jon Yeah it’s a gross song, but it kinda implicates the guys wanting her toilet water as gross. Because, gross.

Chris Yep yep.

Jon It’s a fine line between subversion and being a horny basement nerd.

Chris I think it counts as satire.

Jon Yeah I’m more than willing to grant the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Much more than Space Girl Blues for sure.

Jon Oh lord yes.

Jon Space girls blues is like, a proto-incel anthem.

Jon If incels learned to shred.

Chris Now that’s the REAL gross.

Jon Hear hear.

Chris Musically I think the song is really catchy.

Jon Yeah, it sticks with me more often than I usually remember.

Chris Same.

Jon They’re good with earwormy little songs that are JUST shy of being annoying. Like this and Pink Pussycat.

Chris Yes agreed. I think it’s a solid oddball pop song. Both this and Pink Pussycat ended up on Duty Now For The Future, oddly enough.

Jon Soo Bawls was a b-side though iirc, or otherwise not on the album proper.

Chris Ah, never mind.

Jon That and Penetration In The Centrefold (hoo boy).

Chris I must have heard the remaster CD with all the extra tracks at the end.

Jon Extremely likely.

Chris Why do you think this cut never made an album?

Jon I dunno! Maybe it’s a little too out-there? Specifically all the toilet talk. I can see a major label wanting to bury it a little.

Chris Yeah I guess, but Pink Pussycat made it? Or is that just a record label contradiction?

Jon That one’s more euphemism kinda? I mean, like, WAFER THIN euphemism.

Chris Vagina talk = OK, toilet water that has been near a vagina = NOT OK.

Jon Hahahaha. One last thing, I almost forgot the “since she sold her butt” line.

Chris Ohhh right. “Sold her butt” is in keeping with the toilet motif while also calling her a ho.