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Social Fools



Chris Social Fools!

Jon In this one I really like the scolding-parent/nervous kid parts.

Chris Mmm yeah. I do want to backup and say I like this song a lot, and I think it’s pretty poppy for being this un-dancable.

Jon Yeah! you can see the later, more audience-friendly stuff in this song.

Chris Exactly.

Jon As opposed to all the FUCK YOU tracks it’s surrounded by on this disc haha.

Chris Haha.

Jon I’ve always wondered: is Egg in Beer a thing? I’ve never put an egg in my beer.

Chris Yeah good question. The concept SOUNDS familiar to me? But I can’t say i’ve ever done or seen anyone do it.

Jon It appears to be some old-ass slang. Which is fantastic. I always just took it at face value, it’s a pretty bizarre image. Like Rocky training to fight Apollo Creed, but if he were an alcoholic.

Chris Haha. Yeah I like that. It definately sticks out. In a good way. I actually originally thought the lyrics were a bit on the nose. But grew to like them a lot. It’s pretty direct in social critique, instead of the more sly stuff they “normally” do.

Jon Yeah they can be a little bit trite-punk sounding, but they kinda sneak in the whole “you’ll obey in the end” kinda thing. The lyrics I mean.

Chris Yeah. Which I think is a “fun” twist.

Jon Haha. The song sounds like a snotty adolescent rebellion but it acknowledges growing out of that too.

Chris Yeah exactly. It’s got some layers that aren’t immediately apparent.

Jon It’s kinda like the “freedom from choice, is what you want” line that people always kinda gloss over.

Chris Yes, exactly! I didn’t know people gloss over that line. That line is what makes the song lyrically for me.

Jon I always did, anyway.

Chris Fair enough.

Jon And they changed it for DEV2.0 because lol Disney.

Chris Lolol.

Jon We’re reviewing that at the end of all this right? or rather, before Something for Everybody? With all the other weird post-Smooth Noodle Maps stuff. The song from Powerpuff Girls etc etc. The NIN cover.

Chris Hell yeah we are! So we’ll get to all that, but for now, Society’s Fools.

Jon The singing is a bit weak on this version, but I can’t scoff too hard since these ARE technically demos.

Chris I like the riff a lot. It’s ALMOST dissonent, but like I said earlier, still poppy. Like, it’s flirting with being unlistenable, but it’s got hooks.

Jon Yeah! it’s valid material, and I can see why they were confident enough to release it as-is in the 90s.

Chris Yeah I agree. The chorus breakdown is cool in this version. The synth ba BA ba duh DA.

Jon Yeah, that part definitely owns. And the meowing guitars are back, I noticed.

Chris Ha yeah.

Jon During the verses anyway.

Chris Yep. I had this criticism for the first track as well, but I thought this version was a tad long. The slower tempo, stretching to 4 12 minutes. I wasn’t mad, but I wanted it to wrap up a bit earlier.

Jon Yeah, I also found myself checking my place in the timeline about halfway through the song.

Chris Any historical tidbits to be aware of with this one?

Jon Not that i’m aware of–i’m glad I finally looked up “egg in your beer” though. That’s my historical takeaway from this one.

Chris :D nice nice. Would you consider yourself one of Socity’s Fools?

Jon In the sense that we all have to ‘play ball’ to some degree to get along day by day in society, sure. But I try and stay self-aware, or woke, or whatever.

Chris Hell yeah, stay #wokewoke. And I agree with that sentiment. Any final thoughts?

Jon Yeah, can you pass the ketchup?


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