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Social Fools



Jon: They sped this way up. Straight up punk pogo tune this time around. Less of a cautious anthem.

Chris: Yeah exactly. Driving drumbeat right up front.

Jon: Also less weird synths.

Chris: The bridge is less ominous. But yeah, almost a punk song.

Jon: Yeah. Less sincere “pleading parent” bits too. Or just faster maybe.

Chris: Yeah, it goes by quicker so it doesn’t sink in as much on that level? But a lot more danceable.

Jon: Whoa, that compressed drum fill.

Chris: Yeah that was nuts.

Jon: Yeah I have to wonder if this is more subversive in its slickness. Solo still rips. Thankfully.

Chris: Yeah it’s great.

Jon: I don’t think Devo gets enough credit for badass lead guitar parts/their conventional instruments in general.

Chris: Totally agreed.

Jon: People always wanna talk synthesizers and energy dome hats.

Chris: Exactly. I don’t think Devo gets credit as musicians in general.

Jon: Yeah they’re extremely sick, and that took me by surprise when I got into them in depth.

Jon: This is the END! Of this E.P.

Chris: And they end the EP with that!

Jon: I always liked that little ending. That’s all for now / that’s all we know.

Chris: Yeah it’s great.

Jon: Good way to end any communique.

Chris: I’m pissed they didn’t end every release that way haha.

Jon: Haha seriously. I wish presidents said shit like that. OK THAT’S ALL WE HAVE FOR DATA BYE.

Chris: I really enjoyed that EP. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to it as a whole.

Jon: Yeah it’s good shit! I definitely wish it got discussed more. And maybe it does and I’m just a hermit.

Chris: I’m living in the same hermitage, then, my friend. Still nuts that B Stiff isn’t anywhere.

Jon: Right? I can see why like, Total Devo isn’t on Spotify. But this? This owns.

Chris: Oh yeah, it totally does. Maybe it was a rights issue? Different label? How wide a release did this get?

Jon: Good point, yeah. I’m not sure if this was WB or not. They were on Stiff in the UK for a while. Coincidence name wise, I think. But other artists all covered that song, for that label. Seemingly.

Chris: Huh. I looked it up and this was a Stiff UK release.

Jon: And they had “Booji Boy Records” but I think that was a Stiff or WB imprint meant to feign bootleg/indie coolness aesthetically. With the Mechanical Man single and whatnot.

Chris: Right right. Maybe Stiff kept the rights to the song Be Stiff. Because after this EP they put out the Mechanical Man EP, right?

Jon: I think so! I forget honestly, the chronology of it.

Chris: Or, is that a bootleg?

Jon: Nah it’s official but meant to look sloppy. Pun INTENDED, BITCH.

Chris: Haha! Well that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Jon: Yeah! This was fun.

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