De-Evolution is Real!

Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin')



Chris: Alright, let’s talk sloppy talk in 3. 2. 1. Go! Faster pace that the EP I think.

Jon: The opening guitar line always reminded me of morse code.

Chris: Obviously way better production.

Jon: Haha yeah.

Chris: Mmmm yeah good call out. That hey hey hey in the background was added.

Jon: I DO appreciate the vocal gymnastics in this song.

Chris: Yeah, I do like that as well, but on the live recording mark didn’t pull it off.

Jon: Huge nuts for trying at all though.

Chris: But yeah this song is fun but more simple. Has the same repeating phrase. Back and forth.

Jon: It feels like a few segments or song-ideas just tacked together. Musically anyway.

Chris: Right yeah. Held together with tape feeling.

Jon: False ending, haha. Slash surprise coda.

Chris: Yeah it’s also super short. Punk length. And tempo, come to think of it.

Jon: Indeed. surprising amount of silence at the end, setting up Shrivel Up too.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Usually on this LP they’re all about OK NEXT TUNE.

Chris: It doesn’t bother me.

Jon: Yeah. This song feels like an outburst. kinda like Too Much Paranoias. Music as OCD.

Chris: Yeah, that tracks. I think it’s a statement about shrivel up, which is maybe the most different tonally from the rest of the album? It’s this crazy explosion that never fully resolves.

Jon: I also like that it almost implies the “concept” of the album having a boner, and now it’s spent. If we’re gonna be 12yr-olds about it. And we better be.

Chris: Haha. I think that’s the only way to be about it. This boner was sloppily spent. These start-stops are a metaphor about cum spasms.

Jon: Come back jonee was premature ejaculation, sloppy was frustration at this, and shrivel is trying to fall asleep once she’s rolled over in disgust.

Chris: It all tracks. So yeah, maybe less stellar than the other tracks so far, but I’m not mad it’s on the album.

Jon: Yeah, it still beats a lot of other tunes by far.

Chris: That being said, would you replace it with anything from their previous catelog? I’m kinda thinking of Be-stiff.

Jon: Oh probably. Be Stiff or Social Fools, yeah. Surprised those weren’t on the album anyway.

Chris: Yeah, maybe they made a decision about the sequencing and flow?

Jon: I can see that.

Chris: But I think they could have made it work.

Jon: Yeah. If Mongoloid has a place on here.

Chris: Yeah idk. Or at least release them as produced singles.