De-Evolution is Real!

(I Saw My Baby Gettin') Sloppy



Jon: Hesitant start.

Chris: Ha yeah. Some drum hits.

Jon: But I like the vibe. The synth once against sounds like an old VHS distro animation.

Chris: Ha yes. The guitars are almost jangly.

Jon: Yeah! These are some conventional pop guitars.

Chris: The vocals sound like they’re in another room. Like he’s yelling from behind the band.

Jon: If you’re gonna have passable guitar, you need to go sing in the hall to make up for it.

Chris: Interesting different rhythm for WHOLA.

Jon: Yeah! They put a little stank on it.

Chris: Ha yeah. Exactly.

Jon: He’s also selling the words more.

Jon: BRAND NEW CAR. He’s pissed.

Chris: Yeah, he’s really going for it. The second track here that’s more pissed.

Jon: Yeah! The BE PISSED E.P.

Chris: Haha.

Jon: Ends just as abruptly as ever. Glad to see these choices were firm early on.

Chris: Lol yep! Stake out your brand!