De-Evolution is Real!

Shrivel Up



Chris: Let’s shrivel up in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon: Sewer drip noises to start. This is definite end-credits music.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. With that continuing in the background. There is no other place this song could fit on this album.

Jon: Definitely.

Chris: Has almost carnival sections. Cartoon noises.

Jon: Yeah. haunted carousel vibes.

Chris: But a sombre tone overall.

Jon: Are we to assume the song is about a wasted sperm btw? “Daddy’s cap” always meant condom in my head.

Chris: Oh wow, yeah I never put that together.

Jon: POOTY POO POO. This part rules. I take it all back.

Chris: Lol A+ cut from that. Running out of sap.

Jon: I mean from this band, what else can it be. When you’re not sure: it’s semen.

Chris: Yeah lyrics are def weird family sex.

Jon: That’s the rule. The law.

Chris: Totally 100%

Jon: And like that, we’re out. Shrieking ghost synths die out.

Chris: It’s a god given fact that you’re gonna lose your ma.

Jon: As if to say “quick put Side A back on so you don’t get all sad and weird.”

Chris: Haha.

Jon: I do love these weird, “Truisms spouted at random,” songs.

Chris: Yeah it is the total opposite energy as uncontrollable urge.

Jon: 100%

Chris: As strange as it sounds, uncontrollable urge has a sense of optimism compared to this.

Jon: Oh absolutely.

Chris: As a, “Here’s a tone to go out on,” song, I end up thinking about it a lot more than I’d expect.

Jon: I feel like they kinda err on the side of somber with final tracks.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Lemme look tho. Red Eye checks out. Planet Earth. Yeah I stand by this. Weirdly resigned songs.

Chris: Yeah, the, “I give up,” song.

Jon: I respect it.

Chris: I don’t think it’s ever a top cut on the album for me. But yeah. Respect.

Jon: Oh I love Red Eye. But yeah.

Chris: They’re also not bad songs, and they stick with me a lot. I’m excited to re-listen to these.

Jon: Yeah!

Chris: It’s not like it’s been a while, but I’m trying to come at it fresh. Listen more intently.

Jon: Yeah, I definitely feel great about this as an exercise. In life and also on a blog.

Chris: Hell yeah! But anyway, that concludes Q&A. Any thoughts on the album as a whole?

Jon: Royalty. More or less. Haha.

Chris: Lol same same. It’s so tight. These last two songs are a little less, but honestly who cares? If you listen to one Devo album, I always say this one.

Jon: Oh definitely.

Chris: Not just because it’s so good, but because it has the clearest bridge between Devo and regular music.

Jon: Yeah, it’s just a solid disc that you can see the average person buying.

Chris: Absolutely. People who also owned talking heads and B-52s and second wave punk records would own this.

Jon: Oh indeed. Anybody inclined toward new wave/ punk / Sire records output.

Chris: Yeah exactly. And lots of the later grunge folks were influenced by Devo as much as Sabbath and The Melvins. Which is interesting. Maybe more in the sense of, “Oh, you can be weird and out-of-band and artsy and still make music.”

Jon: Oh definitely. I mean Nirvana covered Turn Around.

Chris: Yep. And Soundgarden covered Girl U Want.

Jon: Oh shit, that’s right.

Chris: I think that wraps up Q&A.

Jon: Sounds good to me! Sad to be done with it, but excited to do Duty Now, my fave as a kid.

Chris: Hell yeah! I really like duty now. It kinda blew my mind.

Jon: Yeah I’m a big fan.

Chris: Alright dude, a pleasure as always.

Jon: You too! Take ‘er easy.