De-Evolution is Real!

Shimmy Shake



Chris Alright, let’s Shimmy Shake in 3. 2. 1. Now! Thumping. God damn. Sounds like Foreigner.

Jon Haha yes. This feels like ‘70s radio rock. What band IS this.

Chris Haha. Who is singing?

Jon Sounds like one of the Bobs maybe? Oh man a glitch.

Chris Lol yeah wow. The lyrics are very much ‘70s radio rock.

Jon I like the alarm clock synth beep throughout.

Chris Complete with the kinda rape-y vibe.

Jon Yeah. Spot on satire/pastiche(?)

Chris Yeah, who knows? If I didn’t know this was Devo I wouldn’t think it’s satire lol.

Jon “You got something that I want/I’m gonna help myself to it.” Yeah…

Chris That alarm clock tic tho does stand out.

Jon Yeah this is def Hot Blooded though. Specifically.

Chris Haha yeah.

Jon And some other song I haven’t placed yet. Brown sugar?

Chris Yeah there’s tones of that.

Jon Some other song with a doot-doodoot cadence.

Chris That kinda raunchy bar band rock n’ roll.

Jon Haha yeah.

Chris Oh wow, and it ends.

Jon Haha yep! Get in, get out.

Chris Idk what that alarm clock meant, but I phased in and out of noticing it, but when I did notice it, it was maddening haha.

Jon Haha. It’s like that one in The Watcher by Dr Dre kinda.

Chris Mmm yeah.

Jon Little cell phone beep. They leave us in that familiar spot once again. A solid tune but uncomfortable as hell.

Chris Ha yep.

Jon Yeah though, what a set of songs. Haha. One is harmless and three are off-putting.

Chris It felt to me like the singer was dreaming this magic rock shit, and his alarm was going off the whole time.

Jon Oh man, I really like that interpretation.

Chris 😁

Jon I wonder if that was just a shitty electronic metronome? Or something. Or if somebody was just hammering one key the whole song.

Chris Haha yeah, it could have been totally accidental. It felt really robotic.

Jon Mm.

Chris I’d be surprised if someone got the timing that good for a live-ish demo. But, maybe, who knows. Alan was real good.

Jon True. But I dunno, their rhythmic talents have always been surprisingly beastly.

Chris Yeah.

Jon Yeah.

Chris That’s such a weird way to express it haha.

Jon Very true!

Chris “Yeah, I’m a kick rhythm ass…I punched the same note for 3 minutes in perfect time, assholes!”

Jon Yeah though. If I put woke 2010s-self to the side I obviously dig these songs. Hahaha.

Chris Ha yeah. I mean, they’re catchy. There’s stuff going on.

Jon Oh man. Nothing But a Good Time by Poison also. The intro anyway. That specific chord shift. Proto hair metal.

Chris Listening to that now. As my cat tries to eat my headphones.

Jon That cat just wants a good time.

Chris That’s all he wants. And yeah I can totally hear it.

Jon This would be a good playlist concept. Songs with that vibe.

Chris Haha yeah, the most ‘70s rockers.

Jon Or that specific guitarist’s pinky-wiggle thing.