De-Evolution is Real!

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction



Jon: Slower for sure.

Chris: Yeah, sounds slower, but otherwise, God damn close to the LP.

Jon: Cleaner than the demo I think though? But similar.

Chris: Yeah. Def cleaner. A good midway point between the demo and the final cut.

Jon: Did I ever mention the story of Mick clearing the cover?

Chris: No, I don’t know the story.

Jon: I guess the record execs or whoever played it and he got up and danced around to it excitedly. I forget what he said but it was a cute story / worth googlin’.

Chris: Haha oh man! I’ll have to check that out.

Jon: I feel like the bloopy synth counterpoint lines in this are more muted. They’re shriller/more up front in the LP/demo. IIRC.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Although now I wish I had notes in front of me, haha.

Chris: They’re higher and more ethereal.

Jon: The baby baby baby’s aren’t as challenging at this speed. Also. Haha.

Chris: 😆 yeah. Speeeed that shit up! But man, overall this is so damn close.

Jon: Right? This is like a dry run for the debut LP.

Chris: They put an echo on the vocals near the end.

Jon: True. Also I think it’s supposed to segue right into Be Stiff. I forgot that part. A nice touch IMO.

Chris: Yeah, it goes right in.

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