De-Evolution is Real!

Praying Hands



Chris: Let’s talk Praying Hands in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon: Stuttery opening phrase.

Chris: Distinct riff right up top.

Jon: Yeah. Almost an inverted Satisfaction riff.

Chris: Yeah. Squawking synth. Thumping drums. This chorus.

Jon: Gunshot snares. This little interlude reminds me of Social Fools.

Jon: OK RELAX! etc.

Chris: Ha yeah.

Jon: One of their more didactic songs.

Chris: Yeah. It’s really poppy. The chorus is such a frenzy. It feels cyclical.

Jon: I dunno if I’d even call it a chorus. It’s more like a weird ejaculation.

Chris: Haha yeah.

Jon: Punctuation almost.

Chris: Get spiritual minded.

Jon: It took me a while to notice how insanely good the drums are on most songs. And this song also sets up Space Junk perfectly.

Chris: Totally.

Jon: Very very food flow on this record. Good feng shui.

Chris: Oh yeah the sequence is so good. The links, if you can call it that. Ends again on a clean note.

Jon: All the songs end on the same kinda vibe as the “THIS IS THE END” from the Be Stiff EP. OK BYE.

Chris: Yeah exactly. When listening to the record as a whole you really don’t notice it. It just flows so well.

Jon: Yeah it’s like a suite almost.

Chris: It’s like lighting in a movie, you only notice it when it’s bad.

Jon: Oh well put.

Chris: The litany of rules in this song too always stuck out to me. In that ultra fast pace. I could never put my finger on it but it felt like I was getting a certain cynical look at these social structures without totally being free of them.

Jon: Yeah. Like, what else are we hearing in the “brush your teeth or they’ll fall away” tone. In the world.

Chris: Lol right, exactly. I have an admission to make.

Jon: Shoot.

Chris: I never read the lyrics to this song, and always heard that line as “brush your teeth in the formal way”

Jon: Hahaha. That’s pretty great. I can see a Devo song about dental etiquette honestly.

Chris: Haha yeah, I’d listen to that. I think the song still works as fascist hygiene routine.