De-Evolution is Real!




Jon Moving on to Ono?

Chris Yeah. Okay it’s all cued up.

Jon Do it.

Chris YouTube keeps putting ads for itself in front of videos. I…don’t get it.

Jon Hahaha.

Chris Okay. Here’s the countdown. 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon We’re back to weird meter. And overt sexual creepiness.

Chris Yep. Another horn-dog song. A reference to a cell-phone.

Jon I thought I heard that too but it wouldn’t make sense.

Chris But most of the lyrics are just gross sex references? They have this machine-like hum in the background. Siren like.

Jon Oh yeah. We do get some “it’s all the same” lyrical content though. Wear gaudy colors or avoid display, it doesn’t matter.

Chris Musically it feels like a red alert.

Jon Makes sense, couple with “oh no”

Chris Yeah. Crazed laughter at the end. Almost crying.

Jon The uncomfortable yell-laughing/crying at the end…

Chris Pretty creep-tastic.

Jon Yeah jinx. Haha.

Chris :P I looked up the lyrics. It’s not cell phone. It’s sell phone.

Jon Hmm.

Chris “I said let’s sell the phone”

Jon Oh! There we go.

Chris So we just want to make everything an iPhone in 2018.

Jon Sounds about right yeah.

Chris This one seems perhaps the most nihilistic cut on the album. It’s unrelentingly bleak. On some of their stuff, either the lyrics or the music or something will give you a break. Not here. Both lyrics and music are dark.

Jon Oh agreed.

Chris It seems like a water-color picture of a guy trying to escape his girlfriend, and they can’t fuck? Or it’s not working? But he thinks it’s hopeless anyway? And they’re sick? Dude I don’t know. I haven’t figured out how the title relates.

Jon Yeah it’s not a big enough glimpse to get much detail, but that seems to be how they work.

Chris Yes. And I like that. I feel like literal lyrics become boring. More impressionistic ones hold up better, I think.

Jon I’d agree with that.

Chris Because you listen to music a lot. And you’re listening for a feeling, not for a narrative. At least that’s the case with most folks, I’d argue.

Jon Even in written fiction I prefer stuff that isn’t crazy straightforward.

Chris Yeah, good fiction has layers. Do you have a bead on why it’s called Ono? Is it a Yoko dig?

Jon Not sure! Might have just been a fun/“devolved” way to spell Oh No.

Jon Since that’s def how they sing it.

Chris Ah yeah that makes sense. I have been thinking too much about it lol. I’m like, “they hate the fucking Beatles”

Jon Haha. Before we move on to Mongoloid, I wanna link you to someone else’s review of it.

Chris Reading.

Jon I always think of this dude’s response lyrics whenever I hear the song now.

Chris Holy shit, yeah. Are those real un-released Devo songs or is he making a point about their insensitivity towards disabled folks? *

Jon Oh no he’s making a point.

* Chris can be gullible to the point where he can be convinced by someone who wasn’t trying to pull the wool over his eyes.