De-Evolution is Real!




Chris: We are talking about Mongoloid in 3. 2. 1. Go! Such a recognizable bass line.

Jon: Slower build in this one, I think.

Chris: Yeah they build it more. That creeping synth in the background.

Jon: The rhythm is more interesting, too. Specifically the drum sounds, I mean.

Chris: Yes agreed.

Jon: Stays pretty close to the earlier version though mostly.

Chris: Yeah, it’s pretty close. The arrangement is really clean. But this version the instruments are very separated. Might be difference between budgets tho.

Jon: Haha yeah money and producers can mean a lot. The weird toy-sounding noise kinda floating from left to right casually.

Chris: Did the EP version have the two vocal tracks?

Jon: I think so, I remember the slight harmony. Using that term loosely.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Much cleaner synth part at the end.

Chris: Yeah. And the synth comes in.

Jon: The synthesizer doesn’t sound like it’s dying. Which maybe is less true to the band.

Chris: This synth almost feels like a car engine to me.

Jon: Oh definitely.

Chris: The mono shifting.

Jon: Kinda like in old racing games.

Chris: Yeah exactly. Has a space-y exit.

Jon: Very much so.

Chris: One of the few songs on this album so far that doesn’t end in a hard stop.

Chris: As we’ve talked about before, problematic lyrics aside, this song rips.

Jon: Indeed. That caveat that comes with a lot of early Devo.

Chris: Lol yep. This was actually one of a handful of Devo songs a friend gave me digitally. This was after the health food store. And this was also back in the day when sharing one or two music files was a thing.

Jon: Oh nice! I forget how I came to it, probably when I picked up Q&A in high school. You’d think I’d have heard it earlier but I guess not.

Chris: Interesting, yeah. I might have had it a bit earlier, but not by much?

Jon: Yeah, it isn’t on the Greatest Hits comp I was lent.

Chris: Oh wow.

Jon: I guess they saved that for Greatest Misses.

Chris: This is not a greatest hit?

Jon: My sister had Greatest Misses, but it scared me off

Chris: Oh shit! What was scary about it?

Jon: Parental advisory label, Pink Pussycat, Penetration in the Centerfold, the fact that I was a weak and timid child.

Chris: I relate hard.

Jon: Looking at the track listing now, that comp is excellent.

Chris: Oh for sure.

Jon: And it doesn’t shoehorn in some Shout era shit like the Hits comp did.

Chris: Haha. Yeah they always try to salvage that kind of crap.

Jon: Track 1 of a Greatest Hits CD and you make it a remix of Here To Go? Fuck outta here.

Chris: Haha.

Jon: Anyway. We can save Shout bashing for later.

Chris: There will be plenty later. That is absolutely devolved.

Jon: True. That perfect excuse. For any and all choices.

Chris: Haha yeah. It is a get out of jail free card. Sort of.

Jon: Definitely a brilliant tactic/coverall.

Chris: It really is. I do want to say about this song: it’s like the music is daring you to dance. Begging you to try. And then laughing when it’s not QUITE possible. At least in a social sense, I would say.

Jon: That’s definitely a vibe I get from a lot of this material. Oh you wanted party music? Haha eat shit, this is palsy music.

Chris: Hahaha spot on. Catchy and fun, but nervous and jittery enough to shake loose of any regular thing you’d do with music.

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