De-Evolution is Real!




Chris: A little slower, I think?

Jon: The bass line remains badass as it sneaks up on you.

Chris: Oh hell yeah.

Jon: Slower than the LP, about the same as Hardcore I think.

Chris: Yeah. The guitar sound sounds cool and compressed. Like it’s coming from a drive thru speaker.

Jon: Hahaha. Yeah I love the overall sound of it. I think they’d take that as a compliment.

Chris: I meant it as such. Ooh, more space noises.

Jon: Yeah they’re going hogwild on this one. I’m into it!

Chris: Hell yeah. Sounds like a cartoon alien from a 50s era Saturday morning special landed. The cymbal crashes are so soft. Much softer than the rest of the drums.

Jon: Yeah. It’s weird what they choose to be subtle with.

Chris: That “wakka wakka” guitar in the background is great.

Jon: Hell yes.

Chris: Almost giggling background vocals.

Jon: I also love the drunk sounding synth notes. Like they’re trying so hard to hit the right notes.

Chris: Haha.

Jon: They’re me at karaoke.

Chris: Yeah exactly. I can attest to this. Jon is an early Devo synth note at karaoke.

Jon: BwahhhhhHHHHHHHH. I’ll get there if I strain.

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