De-Evolution is Real!




Chris Okay, we’ll see if this one gets any more comfortable than the last track. Let’s move on to “midget”. You ready?

Jon Yeah, count it off.

Chris Alright. 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon I’m gonna come right out and say this has always been one of my faves from the hardcore discs. Problematic as the lyrics are, I first heard the chorus at like age 12, and “she didn’t know I was a midget” was so funny to me.

Chris Haha nice nice. What an interesting bass line for Devo.

Jon It’s in Men Who Make The Music as a song by “Parcheesi,“some big-selling band on Rod Rooter’s label. And yeah, it’s borderline disco/funk.

Chris Yeah, that’s what I was keying into. The bass is full on funk. The guitars are deep, gargling strangeness. That pushes it into almost early Funkadelic territory.

Jon Yeah the whole track sounds more compressed than most? I wonder if there was any issue with the source tape, or if it just sounded this way when they recorded it initially.

Chris Yeah. The vocals peak a lot. Or sound grainy.

Jon Yeah definitely.

Chris I think there’s enough odd elements in it that it feels weird, but very danceable.

Jon Yeah, it’s getting closer to Satisfaction Devo where it’s a legitimate groove that normal folk can dance to. As opposed to nervous chatter.

Chris Right, exactly. I’ll be honest, I had a hard time picking out some of the lyrics. Aside from the chorus.

Jon You should look em up, they’re definitely weird.

Chris Ha I bet.

Jon And creepily sexual/hinting at incest? I can’t tell if she’s the Mom’s son still, or a secret-agent little person who is posing as a toddler. The song makes so little sense. We’re probably reading way too far into it.

Chris Yeah. “Parked my car in her” is certainly incest-y, but as a whole it doesn’t seem to make a coherent story. Which, yeah, is probably not the intent.

Jon No not really, Haha. They probably came up with the chorus/titular line and made a song around it. “She didn’t know I was a midget”, that’s poetry.

Chris Yeah that sounds about right. I think it tips sexual because the groove is a funky one, which leans sex.

Jon Oh good call.

Chris To me it reads like a bar brag. Which feels super sleazy haha.

Jon Yeah I can definitely see that.

Chris So growing up this was your fav song on the album?

Jon It was the only one I knew, I didn’t even know it was released until hearing the Hardcore discs as a teenager. I just knew it as a weird snippet in Men Who Make The Music. And a snippet I loved. Haha.

Chris Ahh gotcha. That’s interesting. So did the full song live up to the snippet?

Jon It fell short of my expectations, but when all you have is that chorus, it’s a high bar.

Chris Sure. That makes sense. You create a whole other thing in your mind. That can be all sorts of perfect because it doesn’t have to exist.

Jon Precisely.