De-Evolution is Real!

Man From the Past



Chris Hello again folks, we’re back talking straight Devo, this time covering the Hardcore bonus tracks. And I sound like a radio announcer.

Jon Haha. I dig it. This is new territory for me I think. Maybe heard this once. These tracks were brand new for the Superior Viaduct re-release of the Hardcore comps.

Chris When did these drop, Jon?

Jon 2013 it seems.

Chris Gotcha, so quite a bit after the original Hardcore releases. I don’t know if I ever heard these songs, to be honest.

Jon Well let’s get into ‘em!

Chris I’m excited.

Chris Alright, first up we have Man From The Past.

Chris As always, I’ll be counting us off to sync Jon and my playback of the song. So here we go. In 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon Starting off with that fuzzy tone we love so much.

Chris Oh, and they count off in the song as well.

Jon And a 1950s-ish jam.

Chris Hell yeah, gotta love the ‘50s fuzz. Lots of this era seems to be a parody of that sound.

Jon Definitely.

Chris The rhythm that scales up and down.

Jon Fits this song’s title though.

Chris Ha yeah, good point. I wonder why this didn’t make the original Hardcore cut? Or maybe they didn’t have the physical tapes?

Jon Yeah! Curious.

Chris Sounds in line with everything else.

Jon It feels as good as any of that stuff, yeah.

Chris I wouldn’t call it a standout of the material, but it’s solid.

Jon Yeah, it isn’t in rough shape either. Kinda forgettable but that’s what these comps are for.

Chris Yeah exactly. I can’t imagine remembering much about this song in a week, but it’s a fine exemplar of this era. And that’s it.

Jon Yeah! The progression/bassline feels a little like a faster Mongoloid almost? Maybe they worked this into that.

Chris Yeah, agreed.

Jon But yeah, very in one ear and out the other. Maybe we missed some lascivious lyrics?

Chris Sonically it sounded good (for a demo) but it felt song writing-wise very demo-y to me. And I totally missed the lyrics. All I got was the refrain.

Jon Yeah. Could have had anything being sung and I’d feel the same. The other songs have a more pointed delivery since I feel like they’re more invested in the message.

Jon Or something.

Chris Yeah agreed. I Googled the lyrics but just got the Tower of Power song by the same name.

Jon Well okay then! So far bonus tracks are understandably bonuses and not normal-meat material.