De-Evolution is Real!

Let's Go



Chris Let’s do Let’s Go in 3. 2. 1. Go! Whoaaaa basss synth.

Jon Meow Mix.

Chris Holy crap it is Meow Mix.

Jon Sounds like a weird patriotic song.

Chris Yeah.

Jon Or a fight song. For a sports team. Worrisome lyrics though.

Chris Yeah a pump up song but it makes everyone squirm and they don’t know why.

Jon Hahaha yeah.

Chris I’m going to have to look the lyrics up.

Jon I just heard him burying some girl in a ditch. So…yikes? Yikes.

Chris Well shit. The only comment on the YouTube video is “the…inner thoughts of a serial killer?”

Jon Hahahaha.

Chris Haha what is that end?

Jon Well that just kinda peters out huh. Hahaha.

Chris Bloop blaa. Like they said “fuck it” and walked out.

Jon http://bloop.blaa. As did much of their audience in some Akron bar I’m sure.

Chris Haha yeah I can only imagine. I just read the lyrics and yeah, wow. It starts off where you could confuse it for a sports pump up jam. Maybe for an old-timey sport that nobody plays anymore, but still.

Jon For every Jock Jam there must be an equal and opposite Sociopathic Nerd Jam.

Chris That is a law of the universe. But yeah then it morphs into all that killer shit. Which I think is clever? Kind of associating the sport/nationalistic stuff with violence.

Jon Yeah it definitely has some merit to it.

Chris Like, “this is what you want, right? Right???”

Jon Hahaha.

Chris Interesting that they put this song at the end. This song is the capstone to the whole hard core experience.

Jon Haha yeah.

Jon Are you familiar with Tom Lehrer?

Jon Speaking of subverting certain traditional song types.

Chris I am somewhat familiar with him.

Jon See also:

Jon Sorry to spam ya, but they’re short.

Jon Haha.

Chris Ha I just listened to the first one.

Jon Pretty vicious.

Chris Yeah it’s great.

Jon Yeah I love him. He just like, teaches math now. Just down the street.

Chris Seriously? In Boston?

Jon Yep! Harvard professor. He drops like 3 or 4 revered comedy albums and was just like “eh”.

Chris Lol holy crap.

Jon “When Kissinger won the Nobel peace prize, satire died” was his reason for retiring.

Chris Damn.

Jon But yeah he’s a goddamn treasure.

Chris I mean, wow.

Jon One last one.

Chris “I guess I’d better leave this line out just to be on the safe side.” You know, I think I’ve been told to listen to Tom Lehrer and maybe never listened? That would sound like me. This guy is great.

Jon Yeah I wholly recommend him. he only has a few records to even check out haha. “Songs,” “More Songs,” and “This Was The Year That Was” and a few live ones.

Chris Okay nice. And he just hung it up to teach math? I mean, teaching math is great and at Harvard no less.

Jon I think he always did, he just sold albums via mail-order on the side but kept teaching? I forget exactly but yeah.

Chris Wow that’s interesting.

Jon But yeah he’s a semi-recluse but not un-proud of this comedy stuff. From what I’ve heard.

Chris That’s cool. Myth building, I like it. But yeah, just to jump back to Devo for a minute, this is the end of Hardcore. Do you have any final thoughts on these albums?

Jon I like them! More hits than misses, problematic lyrics aside. I listen to them more than some of the studio albums for sure. I’d love to see them go back to this kinda stripped-down mode for a record sometime.

Chris Yeah I think I have a similar reaction.

Jon Something for Everybody was fun but yeah.

Chris Yeah that was very much the other way. I’d like to make a hardcore play list. Try to pull together tracks I like in a sequence I feel hits something. I like a lot of the songs on these albums, but they do feel archival to me. I think there is a thought process in the sequence, but that putting all the songs in there took precedence.

Jon Yeah I definitely get that.

Chris So it’d be interesting to me to try to craft a single album from the 2 discs.

Jon Yeah!

Chris I’ll play around with that and maybe we can put up a special post if it’s interesting. Anywho, that’s all I have. Shall we wrap it up? Next session, a little Q/A!

Jon Hell yeah! This has been fun, as always 😁

Chris Yeah, I had a blast!