De-Evolution is Real!

Jocko Homo



Jon Jocko Homo?

Chris Yeah, let’s do Jocko Homo. You ready? 3. 2. 1. Go. Again, a slower version.

Jon This is the version I knew best from the short film, after the D E V (meow) parts from Mechanical Man.

Chris And more separated in stereo channels.

Jon Yeah, slower and echoey kinda. The toms feel a bit off, but in a good way.

Chris Oh interesting.

Jon Like a fucked up heart.

Chris Yeah, this heart needs medical assistance.

Jon In the video Mark is dressed like a doctor. So it’s funny you say that.

Chris :p Glad I’m tapping into the devo-geist.

Jon I kinda wish “dancing the poot” was explained more. I think it’s like a “you’re full of hot air” thing, but I like to think of it as a real dance.

Chris Yeah they leave a lot to the imagination. I see a bunch of nerds squatting robotically, and on every down-drop they fart.

Jon Hahaha. I love when people make up weird terms and they kinda work. Dance the poot is great. (huboon, I don’t buy). I can also see this now. Very Forbidden Zone style imagery.

Chris Lol yep.

Jon Can you imagine Devo watching that movie when it came out? Musta been cloud 9.

Chris I would pay a lot to watch Devo watch forbidden zone. This version feels the most demo-y of the past couple of tracks.

Jon I think it feel weirdly polished, but maybe I’ve just heard it too many times. The stereo separation in the drums kinda wows me more than most demo-level recordings. Again though, I am an easily entertained idiot baby.

Chris Haha, no no. I think it sounds produced, but the production is very different than mainstream things. So it stands out in that way. Like, a record company did not have a hand in this.

Jon Haha yes. This Jocko Homo leaves out the part at the end of most versions.

Chris Right, the change. “walk like an ape, talk like an ape.”

Jon God made man, etc, etc.

Chris Yep yep. I like that coda a lot, but I imagine they hadn’t written it by this version?

Jon Perhaps yeah. In the live versions they often throw in “I have a rhyme that comes in a riddle (O-HI-O) / What’s round on the ends, high in the middle? (O-HI-O)” before that part, too.

Chris Oh interesting, I haven’t heard the live versions.

Jon Yeah then they go “all together now GOD MADE MAN.” Etc etc. It works well, I like it. Me feel swell, and so on.

Chris This song is maybe the most Devo statement of self. Like, this is what we’re all about. Aka, humans are progressing in reverse.

Jon Oh definitely, this and maybe Wiggly World where they list some of their core tenets.

Chris Yeah, but what this has over Wiggly World is the music package, I would argue.

Jon Yeah, wiggly world is more manic but in a less exciting way.

Chris Wiggly world is really fun, but this song’s musicality sums up Devo’s core shit more.

Jon Definitely. Back to Jocko, I’ve always loved the “are we not men / are we not pins” progression/downgrade.

Chris Yeah I like that part a lot too. “Are we not pins”…It’s the perfect mystery that makes you think, but not TOO much that makes a good rock lyric.

Jon It’s like hey, we have agency, whatever shitty things we are.

Chris Yes yes, and you’re not sure if they’re totally behind that concept or not. Like, maybe they waffle about that being a good thing.

Jon Yeah. It’s like we’re moving backwards, but we the band are as bad as anyone. Half the time, anyway. The other half we’re doomsday preachers.

Chris Yeah, exactly. No one can escape, but we can have a fun (maybe?) time being a little bit better by pointing it out?

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