De-Evolution is Real!

Jocko Homo



Chris: Alright, lets do Jocko Homo in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon: Whoa, WAY faster.

Chris: Faster pace! Yep.

Jon: And the synth doots match the key nicely this time. Instead of just FUCK YOU 1-2-3-4.

Chris: Yeah, it’s not as dissonant.

Jon: This is surgically tight.

Chris: Yeah it’s super crisp. And that back beat snare.

Jon: Yeah the drums are on point all over this record.

Chris: They added the bass snare bass snare in the back. These drums are so cool.

Jon: Yeah it’s on par with Satisfaction I’d say. For coolness/jerkiness.

Chris: It remains interesting while just being one hand at a time for a lot of it.

Jon: And as tight as the beginning is, now we get into the longer bit. Sadly without the O-HI-O.

Chris: Yeah, that is sad. But this makes up for it I think.

Jon: But yeah. I can see taking it out to strengthen the “message” maybe.

Chris: With all the weird noise. Taking more time.

Jon: Yeah it’s a fun sound scape.

Chris: Building. The rolling drums at the lyrics, like a marching band. Such a great counter point.

Jon: Yeah there’s so much shit I never noticed consciously in this part. Just weird pulsating shit.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: I presume we have Eno to thank. Another journalistic catch-all, but fairly. Dude was a beast.

Chris: Yeah Eno did not play around. This whole section feels like a triumphant homecoming, but the lyrics are all about: “We are dumb-dumbs!”

Jon: Haha yes. Another traditional rock song ending here. Even the little drum roll punctuation mark. Badum. The end.

Chris: Lol yeah. The drummer is getting up. End of side one. Intermission.

Jon: Oh is it? I never keep LP sequencing in mind, but it’s pretty important. Esp for overwrought discussions like these.

Chris: Oh yeah, gotta keep those details up there for pointless deep dives like this! But yeah it’s the end of side one.

Jon: Nice.

Chris: I think this side totally kills it in sequencing. This song is a good statement piece to end on. Has enough meat on the bone to resonate as the last thing you hear before having to flip the record.

Jon: Oh definitely.

Chris: When I first heard this song, it felt almost too rich. Like, there was too much going on for me to fully process it. I would enjoy it but I wouldn’t linger.

Jon: I get that. There’s a lot of stuff on this album in that vein.

Chris: Yeah. It took me years for me to grow into it. Like, there’s that hook that can get you early, but it takes time to age into everything. And I think that’s the mark of good art.

Jon: Agreed, it’s definitely one of them anyway.

Chris: Yeah, there are others, for sure. I don’t mean to make a checklist of quality, lol.

Jon: Haha no I feel ya.

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