De-Evolution is Real!

Jocko Homo



Chris: Alright, let’s tackle the B Stiff EP in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon: Very stripped down still. Demo-ish. Lovably raw.

Chris: Yeah. Pretty close to the album version instrumentation-wise.

Jon: Yeah.

Chris: You can hear the grit on the tape.

Jon: Oh definitely. The four notes seem different. Off key.

Chris: Yeah. I agree.

Jon: The LP has them in key I think.

Chris: They seem like a insane steel drum.

Jon: Haha yeah.

Chris: Like, the steel drum lost it’s mind.

Jon: Some abrasive old synth.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: I think this version has the extra, “rhyme in a riddle” part…?

Chris: Yeah. Unlike some of the other old versions, this one’s tempo seems pretty close to the album cut.

Jon: True true.

Jon: YES. O HI O.

Chris: 😃 That’s not in the album version.

Jon: I prefer it with that line. Was always sad they didn’t do it on the LP. Was that Eno’s suggestion…? Or maybe they didn’t wanna be The Akron Band anymore.

Chris: Yeah who knows. I also prefer the faster talk for the ape stuff.

Jon: Yeah.

Chris: The whooshing sound is also different.

Jon: Mm…Overall, not super different, but enough to so pick out a couple things. I don’t have much to say, sadly. Other than, “It whips ass, like all versions tend to.”

Chris: Haha yeah, absolutely! We can talk more about it when we do the LP version.

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