De-Evolution is Real!

I Need a Chick



Chris Let’s move on to something a completely different from Baby Talking Bitches. Something in a totally new direction. Yes, I’m talking about the next track, “I Need a Chick”.

Jon Haha.

Chris headdesk.

Jon Oh god buckle in.

Chris Strapping my seatbelt.

Jon Ready when you are.

Chris Alright. 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon Decent riff to start.

Chris Powerful bass. It’s rare for a Devo song to have that prominent a low end. Where that’s where the riff comes from.

Jon True! This early anyway.

Chris Yeah.

Jon I need a dog to lick my hog. Jesus.

Chris Yeah, oh my God. The lyrics are really irredeemable. No matter the irony.

Jon Yeah this coulda been a nice instrumental jam.

Chris Yeah. The lyrics are lazy at best.

Jon Truly.

Chris They’re not funny, even. Idk why that bothers me lol.

Jon Yeah this is like, drunk uncle at karaoke after 8 whiskey sours. Changing the lyrics to a normal song, to this.

Chris Yeah, with that glint in his eye that he knows he’s being an asshole.

Jon I’m all for dick sucking songs if they’re decently written. Maybe this was the “I hate this club, let’s not get invited back” song.

Chris Yeah could be?

Jon And, a porn sample. I assume. Cherry on top.

Chris Lol yeah, wow. And it’s a shame. Because the song itself, lyrics aside, is pretty dancable. I think there’s something there.

Jon I dunno what makes me more upset, completely forgettable later Devo, or decent musical Devo with shit lyrics and too much horniness.

Chris Right? Like, this could have been a good song.

Jon Oh definitely.

Chris Idk if this is a real corollary, and I apologize already for bringing up Zappa again, but he would do these purposely contrarian, gross, horrible things to test the audience’s fandom.

Jon Yeah I can definitely see that here. Except Zappa was on a label at least.

Chris Haha yeah. I guess that does add a new layer.

Jon At this stage I have to imagine Devo was very local. It’s almost more honest? Haha. But still very dumb.

Chris Yeah, agreed. If you have a label, you’re trying to burn something down. This is like nipping it in the bud before anything even happens.

Jon Haha yeah. We don’t WANT fans! Eat shit, stop dancing!

Chris Yeah. And I think that was probably respected in certain communities. That time period put a high value on being “out there”. Doing shit no one else was doing.

Jon Yeah.

Chris And an easy way to get there? Do shit no one else was doing for a good reason.