De-Evolution is Real!

I Been Refused



Jon Strap in, if you don’t know this song, btw.

Chris I’ve heard it before, but I do not remember it lol. So. Consider my seat belt buckled. Ready?

Jon Yeah.

Chris Okay, let’s do this in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Back to crunchy riffs.

Chris Rumbling bass. That slide sound is all over the place.

Jon Haha yeah. And the chorus is pretty joyfully atonal. “Let’s all just YELL.”

Chris Ha yeah. He’s the porno king, and went to jail? I’m trying to make sense of the lyrics.

Jon Ohhhhh boy. That verse.

Chris Oh damn throwing the c-word around.

Jon About his sister no less.

Chris Oh fuck I missed that part. The riff is catchy tho haha.

Jon He did not sing that verse when we saw them live on the Hardcore tour, and I just want to use this space to call Jerry out for being a coward.

Chris Haha take that!

Jon The man will have a 911-themed wedding this decade but skips the sleaziest verse he’s maybe ever sang.

Chris Yeah this whole song is bananas.

Jon Yeah it’s ridiculous. All I ask is that one COMMITS to being a tasteless adult. But it’s catchy, so I have listened to it a lot. Carefully, haha.

Chris Haha I hear you. We should mention that we both went to the hard core Devo show in New York.

Jon And I’m not trying to shit-talk that show, it was bonkers in the best way/completely unexpected as a thing to even exist at all.

Chris Yeah! I really enjoyed myself.

Jon That ONE guy sure did, too. We should let the readers know about that one overzealous dancer in the crowd.

Chris I was/am less familiar with this material, so I don’t have as strong memories of the music, but yeah that one guy was INTO it.

Jon Dude was treating it like a Phish show.

Chris He was standing near us. Really thrashing around.

Jon Always weird to see certain reactions to a given band. One time a dude starting bouncing a beach ball around during a Camera Obscura set and I was like……okay?

Chris Haha. Maybe he’s the guy who goes to every band that comes to town, and he’s “the beach ball guy.”

Jon Entirely possible.

Chris 90% of the time it works.

Jon Haha.

Chris Idk what the real numbers there are…I bet it’s a lower percentage, honestly. I just read the lyrics for this song.

Jon Hahaha. I was gonna insist you do.

Chris I…I’m worried?

Jon I think this is the absolute grossness rock-bottom.

Chris Lol yeah. It’s really foul. Just the sleazy capital of Uranus.

Jon I love the image of a judge saying “YOU’RE THE PORNO KING” like, on the bench. I will give it that. Almost like he’s proud. “shame I gotta book ya, son”

Chris Haha yeah. The judge is sad that he has to uphold the law here. “We believe in what you’re doing, kid, but the law’s the law.”

Chris I guess after hearing all these “unrequited filth” songs, this maybe being the peak, I have to wonder what the hell is going on upstairs lol.

Jon I respect when someone commits to this level of grossness, kinda. As creeped out as I am. Like, I’m impressed and touched that you creeped me out. You really care.

Chris Yeah I can see that. I guess I waffle. Like, is this intentional, or more reguritorial? That last is not a word. But, basically did they have a bit of a plan or were they just brain dumping and this is what came out? Because if it’s the latter I feel like there’s less to be impressed by?

Jon Oh I have zero clue. Death of the author though. We need to just take it as the text.

Chris Yeah, fair enough.

Jon The grody incestuous porno text.

Chris Lol.

Jon The “pants were full of foam” line is just…retch. But I’m giving a thumbs up as I dry heave.

Chris Haha yeah, it’s super catchy. Where did “death of the author” start.


Chris One of the things I appreciate about you is that you have art history on tap.

Jon Haha I just Google fast. I never caught the Mort d’Arthur pun though. Clever shit.

Chris 😁