De-Evolution is Real!

Hubert House



Chris Let’s get into Hubert House in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Slide guitar and wah wah?

Chris More static. Rough quality.

Jon Oh jeez.

Chris Oh damn.

Jon “fuck you till you’re raw”

Chris Jesus, again. Not as bad as the previous song tho.

Jon Yeah.

Chris They have that keyboard in there. That Devos this blues.

Jon FIST fuck now. Man.

Chris Damn.

Jon I respect it but it’s awkward still.

Chris I wonder why they left this off? Lol.

Jon Yeah haha.

Chris This feels like the song they recorded right before Doghouse Doghouse.

Jon Haha yeah. Well okay! That was short. Mercifully so maybe.

Chris Lol yeah. Sounds like the same studio as Doghouse Doghouse.

Jon Aka “a bedroom”

Chris Haha yerp.

Jon I didn’t hate it! I like their weird transgressive blues.

Chris I feel like they took that key ascending line and used it somewhere else. And yeah, it’s a very interesting alternate face on Devo.

Jon Yeah a lot of songs had weirdly dissonant synths/lines that sound like they’re almost from some unrelated song. Just incidentally there boinking away.

Chris Yeah. Instead of this synth new wave post punk thing, this song is straight blues done by the deeply weird.

Jon Yeah! I feel like synth blues never had its moment. Maybe rightly so.

Chris Ha yeah. Like, they had a synth back then, but didn’t quite gel it to where it needed to be yet. So it just creates this dichotomy. That isn’t all that bad to listen to.

Jon Yeah I’m still on board.

Chris Same!

Jon Clunky lyrics aside. Edgelord Jerry.

Chris Lol yeah, I feel like that is the refrain of this blog so far: “Clunky lyrics aside.”

Jon Kind of! Yeah.