De-Evolution is Real!

Goo Goo Itch



Chris Alright, in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon Haha and now bubblegum pop.

Chris Kind of a slow boogie.

Jon I like when they bother double tracking vocals in this era.

Chris With the fake “hip” phrases.

Jon Haha yes. “wanna twaddle with you”

Chris Lol yep. “a pile next to and it’s turning blue”. And whammo. “satisfy my urges”. Always horny.


Chris The only thing that makes this song Devo is the lyrics.

Jon Yeah definitely.

Chris The music could be pulled from any pop song of that time. So it makes sense that this would be a demo.

Jon This one feels like a Zappa-esque satire honestly. In that it isn’t great, but kinda gets it.

Chris Haha. Yeah. It’s fine. At least it’s not racist!

Jon True!

Chris That’s the hardcore bar.

Jon Just horny baby talk grossness.

Chris Yeah that’s pretty gross. Not sure what the pile turning blue is. At first you think, “oh, it’s shit” But shit never turns blue.

Jon Haha. One hopes.

Chris My guess: it’s a gross thing to say and it rhymed.

Jon Yeah I don’t think they had the strictest criteria for lyrics. At this stage.

Chris Yeah makes sense.