De-Evolution is Real!

Golden Energy



Jon I think it’s either about beer or piss. I can’t tell which one.

Chris Haha, yeah I kept thinking energy drink. It’s super dark. Kafkaesque.

Jon Yeah I like how vague it is/how multi-purpose the fluid seems to be.

Chris Yeah. To me it’s like the theme song to depression. It’s definitely not going to appear on any pop charts, but at the same time I find it getting stuck in my head. In a haunting kind of way.

Jon Yeah it definitely sounds like the narrator feels defeated.

Chris For sure. Like, just wrapped up in a shrink-wrap-tight blanket. And that melody. Super harsh. And they do something to make it wobbly and kinda dissonant. And the end of the notes is cut off a bit. At least in the beginning of the song.

Jon Yeah, I both love it and am a little creeped out by it. There’s a lot of stuff in these demos that walks the fun/creepy line.

Chris Yeah. It is creepy, and not in a popcorn way, but like genuinely creepy.

Jon Yeah, a bit eerie / unnerving.

Chris Exactly. Do you know what they’re doing to get those sounds? I don’t know of anything that really sounds like this. Like, Devo has done plenty of things that were copied. But this was not one of them. Not even by themselves.

Jon I’ll need to listen again and see if I could make an attempt to recreate it but off the top of my head I couldn’t guess.

Chris Yeah, it’s pretty specific. The lyrics are interesting as well. Is he saying “red hot date”? The thing you need boundless energy for?

Jon Indeed he is.

Chris I don’t know why, but the fact that they’re talking about needing a ton of energy to go on a date makes it darker. Like, interacting with others is exhausting. And subversive. Like, societies main quest for happiness - aka relationships - you need a god damn piss beer to get through.

Jon There’s also the aphrodisiac line though, maybe this guy expects sex. Making the song a darker still.

Chris Yeahhh. So maybe golden energy is like one of those Chinese penis roots?

Jon Maybe! But it definitely drips, as per the lyrics. So it must be a liquid. So either this guy needs to get drunk to interact with another human, or he drinks piss to get horny enough to go to bed with another person.

Jon Or, a third thing.

Chris I wouldn’t put any of those past the realm of possibility. It’s vague enough to let your mind run wild.

Jon True. Definitely a strong suit, that vagueness.

Chris Yes. Well, it’s vague and specific at the same time. They name concrete things. Creepy specific things. But don’t tell you the larger whole. “Here’s a foot, here’s an arm, here’s a Nazi scar,” but they don’t come right out and say it’s Charlie Manson.

Jon Haha exactly. There’s definitely something sinister here, and it comes off as even-more-so since we’re left to figure it out.

Chris Spot on sir. Do you remember the first time you heard this song?

Jon Probably in college, when I first checked out the Hardcore discs. Freshman year.

Chris Okay nice. Yeah Hardcore definitely has a college vibe. In that it makes sense that that’s when you’d discover it.

Jon Yeah! I think I wouldn’t have really locked onto it as much in highschool when I was discovering New Traditionalists and whatnot.

Chris Sure sure. Hardcore is not an entry point haha.

Jon This kid in college lent it to me first thing! Vol. 2 and a sad-ass This Mortal Coil CD. I wasn’t on his level yet, for weird sad lonerness.

Chris Shit man. So first day he’s like, “here’s some dark music bye”.

Jon Haha. well, first month.

Chris Lol coool. Yeah I don’t have a specific experience like that around the song or album. I remember listening to it at some point, but that’s about all the detail I can muster. Vaaaaaague. But anywho. Any last words on this song?

Jon Yeah, I kinda want a red bull now.