De-Evolution is Real!




Jon Noodly little intro. And then what sounds like Powerhouse.

Chris Some real squiggly stuff.

Jon Okay this is just Powerhouse, haha.

Chris Haha yeah. Super catchy.

Jon Yeah I can get behind this.

Chris Sounds a bit underwater.

Jon Let’s see if the lyrics get horrible.

Chris Haha that is the game for this period. “blow it up your ass,” I guess.

Jon Could be worse!

Chris I like it. Blow it up your ass is a lot different than blow it out your ass.

Jon True, haha. I definitely enjoy this little breakdown.

Chris Yeah the breakdown is fun. It’s like this little boogie track. Which we have a bit of on this record. Or was it vol 1?

Jon I forget!

Chris Sweet. I think this is the first Devo song I can shimmy to.

Jon Haha, definitely. The talk of PUMPIN’ is kinda gross.

Chris Lol yeah.

Jon But nowhere near as much as other tracks.

Chris “Pumping each other”. I like how we’re straining to find horrible stuff now. To make sure we catch it.

Jon Yeah the bar has been set low, haha.

Chris Ha yeah. Very low. I’m glad this track doesn’t plumb those depths.

Jon Yeah! We’re almost out of the woods. But I know at least one more egregiously gross song is coming up.

Chris Okay great, I’m looking forward headdesk.

Jon Hahaha.

Chris Aside from the Devo-screech into it’s like this straight up and down dance-y song. But yeah, these lyrics just seem run of the mill horny?

Jon Haha. Yeah very average level of horned up. C+.

Chris Haha. “I’m professor Boner, and you could really have tried harder! You call yourself a pervert?”

Jon Yeah. Come on guys.

Chris All in all, a nice filler song.

Jon Yeah it’s a song I’ll come back to.

Chris Yeah, same. Like, a solid filler song.

Jon Pretty harmless. Makes me wanna watch old cartoons.

Chris Yes! What a strange thing to key into but yeah I feel that.

Chris It’s old-timey but with a somewhat knowing perspective. At least sonically. Lyrically, idk.

Jon Haha yeah, not lyrically. I think it’s literally the same melody as that song Powerhouse.

Chris Lol, yeah it does sound familiar. Listening to Powerhouse

Chris It also has a noisy intro.

Jon Oh haha.

Chris Yeahh, there it is. Has that Tom and Jerry feel. Like some cartoon cat is about to get whacked.

Jon Haha. It’s weird how certain songs just get latched onto for purposes like that.

Chris How did Devo not get sued?

Jon It was just a demo recording, and this song is ancient/maybe not under copyright anymore by the time it was released?

Chris Hmm yeah, that’s true. Disney started cranking into copyright law somewhere in the ‘20s. All are factors.

Jon Ah, also WB owned the song, and guess who ended up signing Devo? Lucky lucky.

Chris Ahh there it is haha.

Jon Although this song didn’t come out till the 90s on Rykodisc so who knows.

Chris Hm interesting. Now I really want a post-post-modern chase cartoon. Like, the cat chases the mouse for the first 30 seconds, and then they just stare at each other.

Jon Devo is even mentioned in the Wikipedia article haha. As is TMBG! I forgot they used it for an instrumental break once too.

Chris Oh wow, the Wikipedia article for what?

Jon Powerhouse!

Chris Oh wow haha. Oh look at that, Rush added it to La Villa Strangiato. I used to listen to that song a lot.

Jon Wanna move on to the next song?

Chris Let’s move on.