De-Evolution is Real!

Fountain of Filth



Jon Ready for Fountain of Filth?

Chris Let’s do it!

Jon Nice.

Chris Alright here we go. In 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon One of their poppiest earlier songs.

Chris Mmm yeah.

Jon I was always surprised by it when listening to the Hardcore comps.

Chris A bona-fide hook.

Jon Feels like it belongs on Duty Now.

Chris Yes, agreed. The riff sounds menacing. In a great way.

Jon And then this dentist-drill synth.

Chris And that keyboard slide thing is cool. Haha yes.

Jon A+ in my book aesthetically.

Chris Yeah completely. This is one I wish they did a full version of.

Jon This feels like the blueprint for major label Devo.

Chris Yeah, completely. That high guitar whamming sounds almost punk.

Jon Oh absolutely. I always felt they were situated perfectly between the punk and new-wave vibes.

Chris Yeah that’s a good observation.

Jon Everyone always cries new wave because of the Oh No era synth stuff but the early albums…

Chris Yeah.

Jon Not that either term means much. But y’know.

Chris Yeah, new wave is basically eclectic punk. They really went synth hard.

Jon To a fault, as of Shout. YEAH I SAID IT. COME AT ME, MARK. Some bands needs to stay the hell away from the Fairlight/Synclavier etc.

Chris Oh snap! And Jon’s saying that one of those bands is DEVO! You gonna take that sitting down, Mark? Ya wuss?

Jon Up in your ivory tower of scoring movies really nicely! Huh ya little prick?? You seem like a great dude! You fuck.

Chris I respect your talent, dipshit!

Jon Reprint ‘My Struggle’ coward. Okay I’m done now.

Chris 😁 I do wish they had put that song on an album tho.

Jon Well, we have it now. As of 1992 or whenever these comps dropped.

Chris Lyrically it’s a lot like Uncontrollable Urge.

Jon The hardcore discs are more Albums than Shout or Total or Noodle Maps imo.

Chris Yeah, that’s true. They still feel archival to me tho.

Jon Yeah it’s hard to overlook that and see it as “non-canon” or something.

Chris I guess I’m surprised at how much material they left on the cutting room floor.

Jon But I also believe we need to construct our own personal canons. But not in the like, tumblr meaning. Yeah I wanna be a fly on the wall in the WB offices in like ‘79.

Chris Yeah that would be fascinating.