De-Evolution is Real!

Dogs of Democracy



Jon Yeah.

Chris In 3, 2, 1, Go!

Jon Hell yeah this riff.

Chris Shit yeah. So catchy. Boppy.

Jon The vox sound like some Joy Division shit though.

Chris Ha yeah. The drums are really interesting. This staccato stuff in the left channel. Sounds like all the drums are in the left channel.

Jon Yeah. 4 track demo life, haha.

Chris 😁 The riff is really fun. Is also kinda sounds familiar.

Jon Yeah it’s super catchy.

Chris If they didn’t rip it off, I’m sad they didn’t record this for real.

Jon Yeah some of these songs seem like they shoulda been put out on polished albums.

Chris Yah. At LEAST a B side.

Jon Yeah. Or at least as better B-sides than what they picked.

Chris Ha yeah. Some of their B sides are like, “really? This? Over the real catchy shit in your bank?”

Jon Haha I know! I can see them maybe wanting to push some limits though. With the wider audience they were being granted.

Chris Yeah.

Jon Well that was weird but definitely fun.

Chris Ha yeah.

Chris Going back, I know they were testing things and being contrarian with their B sides. But sometimes I feel like they were just trolling.

Jon Yeah.