De-Evolution is Real!

Doghouse Doghouse



Chris Alright, here comes Doghouse Doghouse in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon Rougher quality already.

Chris Oh, very static.

Jon Bluesy and acoustic. Not expected.

Chris Almost sounds like Jack White.

Jon Ha! Yes.

Chris That intentional roughness. Well, I don’t know if this is intentional.

Jon Ha! The dog ‘singer’.

Chris Lol yes.

Jon This is great.

Chris Ooph, lyrics.

Jon Welp. N word.

Chris Yeah, jesus.

Jon Used empathetically but still. Can see why this was left off.

Chris Not a great move, as Viggo Mortensen just learned.

Jon Oh man I’m not up on that news.

Chris Sniffs on the mic.

Jon Yeah I’m loving the literal dog noises. Is this Mark?

Chris Yeah maybe? It’s very intimate and you feel like you’re in the room.

Jon Yeah seriously. Whole other band right here.

Chris Yeah absolutely. They’re just laughing haha.

Jon Man. That was a trip. Not shocked at him for breaking up yeah haha. Strangely soulful vocals from Jerry though.

Chris It’s touching and humanising, and at the same time the lyrics feel like they’re playing dress up with black people.

Jon Yeah it’s like when Dylan says it in Hurricane kinda.

Chris Yeah. Even the preceding lyric, “they took you’re music away” or something like that.

Jon Yeah.

Chris Isn’t that what this song is doing, to some extent?

Jon Yeah it’s a tough line to draw. Aside from “maybe don’t use that word at all, ever” as a rule.

Chris It’s like flirting with empathy, but not fully there, to my ear.

Jon Haha. Yeah.

Chris But yeah, what a trip.

Jon Empathy as a trojan horse for just wanting to say risqué words.

Chris That seems to sum up a lot of this Devo era’s lyrics, unfortunately.

Jon Very true.

Chris Anything more on this one?

Jon Kinda like the Hollywood production code that led to the “six reels of sin and one reel of salvation” narratives.

Chris Oh shit, I’m not familiar with that.

Jon Cram in as much smut and violence as you want as long as you repent / get punished for it.

Chris Ahh, right. In the end they get their comeuppance, but right up until then, let it all out.