De-Evolution is Real!

Devo Corporate Anthem



Jon: You ready for some Duty Now?

Chris: Hell yeah! I’m really excited to crack this album.

Jon: Same here. It’s a fun one.

Chris: Should we discuss the album in general a bit first?

Jon: Well in highschool I had it on a two-fer CD with New Traditionalists, and it had the weird alternate “Science Guy” imagery on the cover instead of the standard CMYK barcode mess.

Chris: Ohhhhh. Is that the European cover?

Jon: I’ve always assumed so, but never quite looked into it.

Chris: That’s cool. I like that cover.

Jon: But yeah that disc got the most spins from me back then.

Chris: That’s awesome. I didn’t hear this album until way later. This one fell through the cracks for a long time. And I think I was inspired to go back and listen after you telling me you really liked it as a kid.

Jon: Oh sweet.

Chris: And I felt like, whoa, what is this?

Jon: Yeah it has a distinct energy to it.

Chris: Having listened to Hardcore I can trace more of a line between that and duty, than I can for Q&A, but it has a whole different energy. No more Brian Eno.

Jon: I can see that.

Chris: Less jittery, moreā€¦idk.

Jon: Confident but still neurotic as shit.

Chris: I feel like the vibe on this album is really distinct, but I can’t describe it well.

Jon: Maybe by the end of this experiment we’ll be able to put our fingers on it!

Chris: Alright, then let’s get to it!

Jon: Count it off!

Chris: We’re getting our mandatory corporate anthem in 3, 2, 1, now! I love this opening.

Jon: This was one of those songs I never knew was a “real” song with a title, cuz it was on the Men Who Make The Music tape as an interlude kinda. Where they just stand in line with wind blowing on them, and salute toward the end.

Jon: Hell yeah. Do we have more to say?

Chris: No I think we covered it.

Chris: It feels like a whacky British comedy making fun of the king.

Jon: Haha, I see it.

Chris: I read on Wikipedia that this is a ode to a movie?

Jon: Oh shit, is it? It definitely feels like an Overture of some sort.

Chris: Rollerball, apparently.

Jon: Oooooh. I haven’t seen that (somehow).

Chris: Yeah me neither.

Jon: I do love the notion of a “Corporate Anthem.”

Chris: Yeah absolutely. Sets the tone. Is this the first Devo song to be entirely synth? Also, is it entirely synth? Sounds like it to my ear.

Jon: It might be? I think the cymbal crashes are real though.

Chris: Sure. They have some interesting filtering on them, tho. They almost sound static-y.

Jon: True. I’ll need to listen closer next time.

Chris: Cool. Continuing our linking conversation from last album, this I think perfectly leads into Clockout.

Jon: Agreed! Kind of a quiet/loud thing. It sets it up nicely. Have you ever seen that clip of a kid playing crash cymbals at a school performance, but he drops one and instead of picking it up, just faces the flag and salutes?

Chris: Ha no I have not seen that.

Chris: Is that kid in a youtube video or was it staged?

Chris: Lolol. Whaaaaat. Is that a rule or something? You drop a cymbal and to honor the flag you salute or something?

Jon: Haha no idea. But it came to mind when listening to something as regal as this song.

Chris: I would love a mashup of these two things.

Jon: Ooooooh shit. Be the change my man.

Chris: Shit, I just signed myself up. Alright, I’ll do it, mister!