De-Evolution is Real!

Come Back Jonee



Chris: Alright, we are talking Come back Jonee in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon: Let me say that the end of slap your mammy sets this up really well, first off. Whole album, insanely good with transitions.

Chris: Yeah absolutely. Continuing the sequencing streak.

Jon: Also this beat kinda prefigures Whip It.

Chris: Ha yeah you’re right.

Jon: Manic western vibes.

Chris: It’s got a lot of swing. Very dancable. You bop to this.

Jon: You’ve seen the video for this one right? The boys going apeshit in cowboy outfits at like, a bowling alley?

Chris: Haha yep. With a big crowd.

Jon: I also love the peppy tone and sad lyrics. like the crashing into a semi part. Also lol @ the datsun namecheck.

Chris: Yeahhhh. The lyrics are a bit of a departure for this album, since they’re telling a story.

Jon: True! More narrative, less doctrine.

Chris: Yeah, paint a weird, sad picture, and drop it in.

Jon: For some reason as a teenager I thought they were singing about a (coded) JFK ?

Chris: Haha. That’s incredible.

Jon: I don’t see many actual reasons for this. But I like it. r/FanTheories.

Chris: But isn’t that the core of JFK theories?

Jon: He made her cry / got killed on a roadway. “Her” being “all the ladies, who loved that suave man” Or, Jackie.

Chris: Damn.

Jon: Idk. you can make anything work I guess. If you stretch.

Chris: Stop making me a believer! The ending of this song is so triumphant. You feel like dancing with joy haha.

Jon: Hell yeah. I’m not gonna lie, the last two songs of the album are my least fave for some reason.

Chris: But the lyrics are like, “fuck you, you’re dancing at death, you monster”

Jon: After all this straight-up excellence we get what feel like b-sides. Maybe that’s to let you down easy. Calm you down before you go back to your life.

Chris: Are you saying that come back jonee is more a b-side, or the two tracks following this one are b-side-y?

Jon: The next two songs.

Chris: Yeah, I’d agree.

Jon: Jonee is Grade A.

Chris: Yeah. Really fun tune that sneaks up on you.

Jon: Absolutely.

Chris: It’s like it’s waiting for you to pay attention, but doesn’t care if you don’t.

Jon: Yeah I can see that. I feel like this album makes for surprisingly good background music if you don’t have the attention span to focus on it.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: (Maybe we can blame Eno again for that, what with his Ambient music ethos and whatnot)

Chris: Haha yeah good point.

Jon: (or I’m just grasping at straws. grasp grasp)

Chris: But the point is well taken. The album works both in the background and paying attention. Which is not an easy feat.

Jon: Definitely not easy.

Chris: Kind of magic in a bottle.

Jon: Haha I hope our discussions of future albums don’t sound so sycophantic.

Chris: Hahaha. Yeah, we’re being real devo shills right now.

Jon: What jury would convict us though.

Chris: Exactly! A victimless crime!

Jon: Unimpeachable. Can’t impeach this album.

Chris: That you can’t.

Jon: It can erase tapes all it wants. Sleep with interns. No impeachment.

Chris: Lolol. Except lets impeach it a little bit on the next two songs.

Jon: Haha yes.

Jon: I feel more flippant than usual today. Blaming caffeine for my hacky tasteless jokes.

Chris: Then drink more coffee!

Jon: Feel free to edit as needed for wokeness.

Chris: I don’t think you’re crossing any lines. Says the straight white dude.

Jon: I feel like Jerry would tsk-tsk us for even worrying. Gotta get in the no-fucks mindzone for these reviews.

Chris: Haha oh yeah.

Jon: To honor them.

Chris: He’d roll his eyes and show his dick.

Jon: Jesus I TOLD you I saw it once, right? At central park?

Jon: His dick flopped out.

Chris: Yeah! Wtf.

Jon: Okay phew. Just checking. I wasn’t even mad. Extremely strong move for post-911 america. In 2004 we needed that.

Chris: Yeah, as you told it, it was at a show, and it “wardrobe malfunction”-ed? And he did an, “Oops, silly me,” look?

Jon: Yeah, their under-jumpsuit clothes weren’t adequate. But I have a feeling Jerry was like, “Welp, guess it’s dick time now,” once it happened. It was during the jump-up-and-down or jog-in-place choreography bits.

Chris: Right, right.

Jon: My friend Anthony remembers better than me. “It was POINTING,” he always exclaims. Dude was in a good place that night.

Chris: Haha. Half chubbing for the crowd.

Jon: I wonder if there was a backstage discussion afterward.

Chris: Lol.

Jon: Mark: “Look… I do the Rugrats music now, man. C’mon.”

Chris: Haha. But it could be just as likely that the conversasation after was, “so…pizza?”

Jon: Haha truth. No way was that anywhere near their wildest or raunchiest show. Anyway wanna move on to sloppy?

Chris: Yeah, now that we’ve covered the ghost of Jerry’s dick, let’s move on.

Jon: (crosses self) amen.