De-Evolution is Real!




Chris: Alright, let’s Clockout in 3, 2, 1, now! Sick drums.

Jon: Full-on surf rock mode.

Chris: That stuttering snare and the beefy bass kick you right in.

Jon: Yeah it’s a good mix.

Jon: I also like the filter on the drums.

Chris: Yeah it’s really fun, musically. “All the secretaries down on their knees.” Still horny.

Jon: Oh always. “My mammy” feels racist too.

Chris: Ooph, didn’t catch that.

Jon: A+ all around for discomfort.

Chris: Thematically it ties into Devo Corporate Anthem. It’s like you treat the cooperation with all the reverence of royalty, then you go into Clockout with all it’s office depravity.

Jon: Oh good call.

Chris: “The future is going to be maintenance free” is a great line.

Jon: Very.

Chris: It sticks in my brain, and I don’t really know what it means. And we’re out with a slide whistle.

Jon: Very good use of synths on this album. Kinda sparing, often as SFX but not obnoxious.

Chris: Yeah agreed. And disturbing giggles/“Oh no no” In this song the synth is a big part of the hook, but it doesn’t stomp the song.

Jon: Yeah. I feel like they let synths metastasize in a bad way by like, Shout.

Chris: Lol yeah.

Jon: But this era is the sweet spot for sure.

Chris: When this album comes out, it didn’t do as well as Q&A. People didn’t know what to do with it, I think.

Jon: Perhaps. It’s a shame, in this guy’s opinion. I find it crazy charming.

Chris: Yeah, I really like it. It’s been super influential. But you’re right about the synth balance. They increased it’s place from the previous album. Shifting their tone. Right away you know they are not re-making Q&A.

Jon: Gutsy move, kinda.

Chris: Yeah exactly. In another world, you could totally see them re-making Q&A. I also want to call out Clockout’s drumming. Really engaging, and right when you think you know what’s happening, theirs a little curve. Keeping you on your toes without yelling, “HEY! I AM THE DRUMER AND I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!”

Jon: Haha. They’ve always been about subtle but really impressive drumming, I feel.

Chris: Yeah. Alan is a wizard.

Jon: For sure. RIP.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Or as the subtitled lady in the whip it video puts it, OH THAT ALAN!!

Chris: Haha, I did not know that.

Jon: Haha it’s right at the end.

Chris: Well shit, I’ll need to revisit that one.

Jon: Indeed.

Chris: The line about maintenance free. I think I get it now.

Jon: Hit me.

Chris: Because the narrator is afraid the future will be maintenance free. Which is bad for business. But like, seemingly good for everyone else.

Jon: Oh good call. Automation, loss of jobs. Prescient, by that reading.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: And lord knows they’ll accept any/all claims of having foreseen things.

Chris: Haha. They’re good on that front.

Jon: Jerry is nothing if not a self-congratulating prophet in interviews. Which I love him for.

Chris: That’s awesome. I mean, I’d do the same thing in their position.

Jon: Kind of the opposite of Deny Deny Deny.

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