De-Evolution is Real!




Chris Alright, let’s do Clockout in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Interesting to hear this one less-polished. And slower.

Chris Yeah. A lot slower. The melody and all the beats are pretty much there.

Jon The “look at ‘em scoot” is still choice tho.

Chris Yes! Coming from the duty now version this feel sluggish. And I miss the energy of the album version.

Jon Chopped ‘n screwed Devo. “Six-figure unit that’s never been kissed” line is new.

Chris Good catch. So not only is it slower but there’s extra lines. I wonder why they cut it.

Jon Director’s cut. Erector’s cut. Boner version.

Chris Welcome to, “The Boner Version.”

Jon The Boner Variations.

Chris Now I’m picturing someone conducting with his penis.

Jon Well that was solid!

Chris Yeah it was super solid. They really had most of what would end up on the finished piece.

Jon Good demo in every sense of the word, then.

Chris Absolutely. It’s fascinating to see how much of this stuff that ended up on albums was pretty fully formed by this point.

Jon Yeah! I bet a record label is like “oh shit nice, we don’t have to pump much work into finessing this.”

Chris Ha yeah exactly.

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