De-Evolution is Real!




Chris Laurie says hi, btw. And she believes in de-evolution.

Jon Haha yes! And hello.

Chris She got hooked when I showed her the Devo video collection.

Jon Nice!

Chris Laurie says, “Baller, bro! Or dope, whichever one sounds bro-y-er.”

Jon Wanna do one Chango?

Chris Hell yeah man.

Jon Sounds good, ready when you are!

Chris Sweet. Counting it down, this is your track number 12. 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Interesting bounce to this.

Chris Yeah. And it changes to that weird carnival sound.

Jon Haha yeah.

Chris Like you keep winning a stuffed animal, but then you’re transported to a hedge maze.

Jon Hahaha, and now this jaunty little ditty.

Chris Ha yeah. Seems like it’s all on one hand. And mistakes left in.

Jon I wonder how much of this was taped improv.

Chris Yeah that’s a good question. Is this a fucking Jamaican accent? Talking about laser guns?

Jon It’s definitely *some*thing. Oh lord these lyrics.

Chris Yeah, ooph. This…is this the real song now?

Jon Haha I guess so?

Chris Was all that other stuff a complex intro?

Jon Yeah I won’t say I’m not a little confused.

Chris I find this a lot less interesting than the stuff before. As crazy as that was. And it’s done.

Jon Yeah, I’m pretty into it. Weird accents aside.

Chris Ha yeah. I don’t really know what happened there. I liked the first “half” more than the second, but there was still fun musical nuggets in there for me.

Jon Yeah I’ll probably revisit this soon just to try and make a little more sense of it.

Chris Ha yeah.

Jon There’s enough weird mystery shit to keep me coming back.

Chris It’s fascinating. In that you kind of get the sense that there’s more layers to it. But you’re not sure, like maybe it’s just improv bull crap? And that tension in and of itself is interesting.

Jon Yeah. Accidental depth is as valid as intentional depth, kinda.

Chris Oh yeah. Agree 100%. That’s art. The artist doesn’t have to get the piece.

Jon Just has to birth it all sloppy like.

Chris Yeah. It’s all interpretive. The artist forms it as best as possible, but yeah I do ascribe to the artist as conduit philosophy. Minus some of the hokier horse shit-isms surrounding it.

Jon Haha yeah. I’m not into it on like a metaphysical /mysticism level but definitely in a happy accident way.

Chris Yeah yeah. This track would obviously never be a hit, but I think it kinda brings out the essence of the band in a compelling way.

Jon Oh absolutely. These weird little travelogue songs.

Chris Riiight. That’s an interesting way to frame it. That’s not something you hear much. “This happened then this happened over here.”

Jon Like this and Bamboo Bimbo.

Chris Yeah.

Jon I mean; super racist travelogues for sure. But perhaps consciously/ironically. MAYBE.

Chris Yeah. Who knows. Not sure what that irony does even if it was meant that way? Another thing: intention doesn’t factor into interpretation. Artists will always fight to say that they intended X, and it will always not matter.

Jon Yeah, death of the author and all that jazz.

Chris Straight up! I like that we’re getting into artistic philosophy shorthands while talking about Devo. I think it’s appropriate.

Jon As much so as anywhere!