De-Evolution is Real!

Can U Take It?



Chris Okay, here we go. In 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon Oh man, these beautiful voices.

Chris Right off the bat squid noises.

Jon I love this guitar tone yeah. This is borderline Residents territory. Musically anyway.

Chris Sure I can see that. Yeah, it’s hard where the synth is weird and squiggly. Another almost talked-lyrics song.

Jon “dreamed I laid a toaster / daddy caught me in the act”

Jon Always horny.

Chris Always horny.

Jon Their secret motto of this era. Forever Horny / Sometimes Racist.

Chris Haha that about sums it up. And super horny, if they’re going for appliances.

Jon The bravest little toaster in narrative history.

Chris I didn’t think anything could make that movie scarier, but that conflation just did.

Jon This feels like Earache My Eye by Cheech and Chong kinda. Talk-singing lines and then a riff. And not super PC.

Chris Oh I haven’t heard that.

Jon It’s worth a listen, once.

Chris Haha. Yeah that makes sense.

Jon Also Korn covered it as a secret track once. [tipping my hand here]

Chris Straaaange :p.

Jon And the song just ENDS.

Chris And an abrupt end.

Jon Fuck you you don’t like it? You don’t get any more.

Chris Lol yep.

Jon I love their ability to ride the polished/not polished line.

Chris Dude I was just going to say something to that effect.

Jon Like these are weirdly well mixed demos for being such ugly and weird songs.

Chris Like, it blends the listener hostile/pop mentalities. The riff is pretty accessible. At least for a rock audience. And it’s catchy.

Jon Oh absolutely.

Chris And the rest is sort of weird and dissonant. And they switch back and forth really fast.

Jon Like a computer trying to make a melody.

Chris Haha yes. If the computer stumbled on a great hook and didn’t realize what it had.

Jon And was then exploited by humans and not compensated for it.

Chris Of course the computer was not compensated. That was the first time the computer realized it was concious. With the feeling of being dicked over. Things ended well after that.

Jon Surely.