De-Evolution is Real!

Buttered Beauties



Chris Alright, Buttered Beauties in 3. 2. 1. Now!

Jon I forgot about this crazy tone it starts off with.

Chris Yeahhh. Again a more “listener hostile” song in my opinion.

Jon Definitely.

Chris It’s a very strange song, but the thing does get stuck in my head.

Jon Overly horny and kinda racist.

Chris Yeah, for sure. It’s objectifying someone because they’re black.

Jon Yet another song with weird counting, too.

Chris Ha yeah. There’s no real subtly here that I can detect.

Jon It’s a shame because I really do like the overall sound of the song.

Chris Yeah the tone is cool. There just doesn’t seem to be a satire or anything going on. It’s menacing. I don’t know, the lyrics at first blush seem like some horned up dude lusting for a black dominatrix. And…I’ve never felt dispossessed of that notion? I’ve never felt like there was anything else going on.

Jon Yeah it’s just text really, no subtext here. I always pictured it as like some unscrupulous explorer fetishizing an indigenous woman.

Chris Hmm yeah that’s probably a deeper read, honestly. And it’s a scarier read, but not a scare the band seems to be in full control of. Like, if there’s a satirical slant it doesn’t come off.

Jon Yeah it just seems like a too-earnest look into one dude’s particular fetish. An uncomfortable look.

Chris Yeah. Agreed.

Jon Not sure if there’s much more to say about this track? Haha.

Chris Haha I was just about to say that. Let’s move on.