De-Evolution is Real!

Bottled Up



Chris Bottled up.

Jon Count it down.

Chris Alright. 3, 2, 1, Go!

Chris Ooh, balladry.

Jon Yeah, sudden turn.

Chris Another old school classic doo-wop style. References to the doctor.

Jon Yeah a lot of these songs could be weird little tunes in the background of B-movies.

Chris Yeah. Doctor of love stuff. This could be montage music. That keyboard is all over the pace haha.

Jon Haha, yeah I feel like it’s a first-take improvisation. Not even in the right scale at times.

Chris Lol, yeah agreed. There are a lot of songs about the intersection of doctors and love. So I guess this is joining that long list. Interesting bubble outro.

Jon Haha yes. I like the little SFX bit at the end yeah. Wondering how they got that exactly.

Chris Yeah.

Jon And if it was a separate synth just to do that.

Chris Hmmm. An interesting use of budget if so!

Jon I feel like some machines back there were little more than noisemakers.

Jon Depending on the talent being put into them, anyway.

Chris Yeah, that tracks. This one feels rougher than most. Production-wise and time-spent-on-it-wise.

Jon One of the Monkees bought one of the first ever Moog synths and used it mostly for Sci-Fi noises.

Chris That’s interesting about the Monkeees. Do you know what songs that appears on?

Chris Not the super famous ones, right?

Jon It was on the TV show at least, hence this clip.

Chris Oh there it is. The classic Sci-Fi squelch. Makes it sound psychedelic. This must have been a bit later period, huh?

Jon Not really! 4th album. Still during the TV show’s run, all four members still in the band.

Chris Oh huh, never mind.

Jon Same album that had like, Pleasant Valley Sunday and Words on it. But

anyway, Another blog for another day, haha.

Chris Haha fair! Back to Devo. Except, I like the “psychedelic” spoken word at the end of that Monkees song.

Jon Haha yeah. a bit on the nose.

Chris 😛 Back again to Devo, anything more on this one?

Jon I dunno! It’s definitely a catchy little song, more pop than rock. I’m picturing an alternate timeline where Devo wrote songs for other artists. Other than Toni Basil I mean.

Chris Yeah, that would be interesting. I think they’d be more constrained. But they could have had a career more like Flo and Eddie. Although there are parallels already. Just Flo and Eddie did more contract work earlier.

Jon I’m strangely unfamiliar with Flo and Eddie. The names are familiar but I can’t place why.

Chris They were the voices/songwriter’s for The Turtles. They had a brief stint with the Mothers of Invention. Did some solo work. Then were the backing vocals for everyone, and then did the Care Bears theme.

Jon Oh right! There it is.

Chris 😀 To fend off the risk of starting yet another blog, wanna call it?

Jon Haha sounds good.