De-Evolution is Real!

Booji Boy's Funeral



Chris Alright, so you wanna kick it off with booji boy’s funeral?

Jon Sure thing! Ready for a count off?

Chris Locked and loaded.

Jon Count us down!

Chris Alright, 3! 2! 1! Now!

Jon The rare Devo instrumental.

Chris Yeah. And it sounds like it could just be an intro.

Jon I think there’s a film they’d show on tours with this song, where booji boys gets head crushed in a hydraulic press or something.

Chris Oh wow.

Jon I wanna say it’s on the We’re All Devo laserdisc I have(?)

Chris That’s pretty nuts.

Jon Their pre-show video stuff is pretty great, they still show it (but not at the hardcore show we saw, sadly)

Chris Did that only come out on laserdisc?

Jon Nah that’s just what I have it on. VHS/Beta too.

Chris Okay, that high melody…is that from something else? That sounds super familiar.

Jon It sounds like it, right? Like a movie score.

Chris Yeah.

Jon Maybe Mutato film score Mark debuted here.

Chris Yeah that could be.

Jon Ryuichi Sakamoto / Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence vibes.

Chris I’m getting deja vu.

Jon Maybe it’s just the use of pentatonic scales tho.

Chris Yeah that could be it.

Jon Only 5 notes, can’t help but feel familiar haha.

Chris :p fair point!

Jon Anyway I dig this song a lot. Like the darker cousin of the corporate anthem. It was a wise Track 1 choice for this disc.

Chris Yeah it sets a mood. Has this ever been used for a movie?

Jon I don’t think so!

Chris Directors, you’re sleeping on the job! Get this bad boy in something!

Jon Seriously. Or just crib it wholesale like Gut Feeling in the Life Aquatic! haha. I also love the little news-hour sounding synth blobs. At the start and end.

Chris Haha yess (to both). That song does feel like a synth dirge. Like, the disco king has died and they need a sombre note.

Jon Yeah! It’s still a bit off-kilter though. Kind of of a perfect funeral song for their man child mascot.

Chris Yeah agreed. So correction. Not the disco king. The disco king’s jester.

Jon The boy leader of the mutated masses. The roody poot chancellor by premature primogeniture.

Chris Ooh big words :D.

Jon Booji came out at that 2004 show I went to.

Chris Oh yeah? Looking up “primogeniture

Jon He just kinda fucked around on a toy keyboard and giggled a lot. It was amazing and completely crowd-abrasive.

Chris Haha. Who played him?

Jon Mark, I presume. I think he always does.

Chris Yeah.

Jon And I think at another show he came out and sang Beautiful World in an ugly falsetto. I might be conflating the two though. I wonder why Chinaman never makes any live appearances…. :-P.

Chris Haha. Yeah why could that be….

Jon Did you get a chance to glance at My Struggle btw?

Chris I poked around a bit but it’s been a few weeks.

Jon You probably got the jisy.

Jon jist*

Chris It kinda felt like a Devo Mein Kampf? And I like jisy.

Jon Yeah but even less readable than the führer’s.

Chris And that’s saying something. Mein Kampf is certainly not among the great literary works.

Jon I have heard this.