De-Evolution is Real!

Bamboo Bimbo



Chris Alright, here comes Bamboo Bimbo. In 3. 2. 1. Go! Guitar tone kinda like secret agent man.

Jon I was about to say that! Haha.

Chris :D More dirge-y.

Jon Yeah there’s shades of the funeral track here too.

Chris Yeah yeah. Like western meets the future.

Jon Racism and incest. In ONE LINE.

Chris Yeah, ooph. This one is even more talking.

Jon Completely unfriendly chorus.

Chris Yeah. Harsh lyrically, vocally, and musically. The different tones criss crossing each other is a cool effect.

Jon Oh definitely. I like the sound of the song, chorus vocals aside.

Chris Yeah. That bass synth. Ominous. Flirts at the edge of the mix. Very cool.

Jon I like picturing the meetings at Warner Bros where people were like “please…less weird racism”

Chris And Devo was like, “How dare you?”

Jon Oh man. There’s a part in Men Who Make The Music that’s almost like that tbh.

Chris Lol oh yeah?

Jon An executive is fed up with them (Rod Rooter), and one of the guys turns around wearing a CRAZY offensive “jungle native” mask and says “WE IZZZZ DE-BO!”

Chris Oh damn.

Jon Even as a kid I remember being like holy shit.

Chris Man. And that takes a lot. As a kid most of us just take what we’re given. Sponge it up. “Oh, this is a thing, cool”

Jon I think old cartoons had prepared me for that, when you’d see reruns with less-than-great portrayal of certain races.

Chris Oh yeah, interesting. I was sheltered from most of that growing up. In that I just wasn’t allowed to watch TV haha. No real strategy there.

Jon Oh man. I can’t tell if I’m jealous or not, tbh.

Chris Haha.

Jon I feel like I was raised by TV. To no small degree.

Chris Yeah, I guess we had the opposite extremes.

Jon Specifically MTV and like, old sitcom reruns. Weird mix of ideas there.

Chris Shit, yeah that is a interesting stew. I think there were positives to being raised mostly sans TV, but it does alienate you from the culture at large. Which, maybe was my parent’s plan, tbh.

Jon You were home schooled too, right? Double threat.

Chris Yeah, so hat on a hat.

Jon See, like what’s that? is that a phrase? You’re basically from Mars.

Chris In for a penny, in for a pound. Plus we ate very specific food.

Jon Oh right, the food too.

Jon You turned out pretty okay! Given the circumstances.

Chris Thanks man :). Yeah, I had some instincts. Picked up on what not to copy. One point to add: our very different experiences growing up lead us to a similar interest as adults. Evidence a) Devo.

Jon Right?? You never can tell.