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Be Stiff



Jon: Faster than on Hardcore. And less cartoony voices calling out the countdown.

Chris: And more aggressive vocals. Yeah exactly. The high guitar is more cartoony.

Jon: But I dig it/am confused why this wasn’t a bigger song. Or maybe it was! Namesake after all.

Chris: Yeah I’m not sure. It might have gotten overshadowed by other cuts on the first LP.

Jon: But people never talk about it. Fun fact: Toni Basil covers it on the album that has Mickey. And Space Girl Blues from Hardcore.

Chris: I’ve heard that version! It’s very interesting.

Jon: It’s a trip, yeah! I definitely wanna compile all the Devo-adjacent projects out there. Martini Ranch and whatnot.

Chris: Yeah I’m into that. This version feels more angry.

Jon: Yeah. Less horny and more urgent.

Chris: Yeah.

Jon: Maybe still quite horny though. Actually. Never not horny, these lads.

Chris: You can never tone that down too much. I hear the bass part higher in the mix as well.

Jon: Ends just as abruptly though.

Chris: Lol yep.

Jon: I remain a fan of this song.

Jon: Weird lyrics and all.

Chris: Likewise.

Jon: Wet Women and Fruit Ooze and all.

Chris: It’s really catchy.

Jon: Definitely harkens back to blues/rock. That descending main riff.

Chris: Yeah, this version for sure. Makes you sing that whack-ass shit to yourself.

Jon: Hahaha yes. Little Richard shoulda covered this.

Chris: That would have been awesome. Get on it Little Richard!

Jon: If Fats Domino can drop covers of Lady Madonna and Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, why not this.

Chris: It’s also interesting that they joined this with satisfaction but re-arranged the song order for the LP.

Jon: Yeah, and this isn’t even on Q&A at all. Which boggles the mind. Maybe this EP was the “single” for it? IDK.

Chris: Yeah, it’s on Duty, right?.

Jon: It isn’t on any LP. It’s on this. And compilations/Hardcore.

Chris: Oh shit, huh.

Jon: Right?? So weird…

Chris: I must have listened to CDs with bonus tracks. Because I def remember hearing this on one of those.

Jon: That would make sense. That’s a relief at least.

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