De-Evolution is Real!

All Of Us



Chris Ready for All Of Us?

Jon Yeah!

Chris Alright, here we go. In 3. 2. 1. Now! Rock guiter out of the gate. And almost a phone tone synth.

Jon Let me know when you recognize it. But yeah I love the drumming on this. and the synth cacophony.

Chris Chorus kinda sounds like “I need your mechanism!” from Space Girl Blues.

Jon Haha I can see that! And then this weird little transition riff. The lyrics familiar?

Chris Going Under?

Jon Yup!

Chris Damn, did they lift all of it? No, can’t be. Pieces?

Jon Most of the verses yeah.

Chris Damn that’s awesome.

Jon Yeah I love when a band does a weird callback, especially to something that old. Not that listeners would know at the time.

Chris They were like, “Okay, we need some lyrics. Fuck it, let’s grab ‘em from an old song”

Jon Haha. Auto cannibalization.

Chris I mean, they’re good lyrics I would argue.

Jon Yeah! I’ve always liked em. Very different vibes between the two songs.

Chris Oh yeah. Total 180°.

Jon Going under, you can snap your fingers to kinda. This one you nervously nod along.

Jon Also: these lyrics, Jesus.

Chris Yeah exactly. They didn’t take everything for going under.

Jon Sometimes horny? NO. ALWAYS.

Chris I would have remembered the floppy tits bit.

Jon Haha yes.

Chris Lol all day long horny.

Jon But they DO have a line about “little girl with the four red lips” in going under.

Chris Yeah they do, that’s right. That’s a prominent lyric.

Jon Even on a major label: can’t stop the horny.

Chris In this one they do mention booji boy as well.

Chris Which I think they cut for going under.

Jon Yeah! I like when they deepen the lore.

Chris That whole last verse. “Poo-poo man got jiffy snapped”. I have no idea what’s happening, but I know it’s revolting.

Jon It’s like some 1st grader’s idea of a song. Which is kinda great.

Chris Haha yes. Yeah I like it. It has that rock guitar sound with a Devo nervous buzz. But it’s like a rock song that made the whole song the weird intro.

Jon Yeah they’re really good at that vibe.

Chris It’s catchy but never lands. It’s good.

Jon Definite blue balling of the audience. As far as music structure expectations go.

Chris Right exactly. Sitting in the almost comfortable places.

Jon I like how it ramps up the crazy in that last verse. Most of the song you’re like, okay. Sure. But then OH OK WHOA.

Chris Haha yeah. It’s like you’re on the weirdest Disney ride.

Jon Foreshadowing DEV2.0, are we?

Chris Lol yep, wasn’t that a weird thing. It’s like you’re on a Disney ride, and the car is on a set track. With a set speed. But then at the end the conductor fell asleep and it’s going too fast.

Jon Haha yes. Seriously, what a career.

Chris Yeahh. One wild ride, that is too fast at points.

Jon Oh absolutely.