De-Evolution is Real!

A Plan For U



Chris Okay here comes A Plan For U in 3. 2. 1. Go!

Jon Oh man that intro.

Chris Wow breathy intro.

Jon This is like a beach boys song basically.

Chris Yeah. A very poppy song. Rockabilly kinda thing.

Jon Why don’t I remember this song better? It’s catchy as shit, haha.

Chris It’s more straight up and down, so it might get lost in all the weirdness of the other songs.

Jon Oh true. I love the dissonant synth/organ stabs. Or is that fuzz guitar. I love when I can’t tell.

Chris I think there’s both. And yeah I can’t really tell, I’m just guessing. I think the song is about drugs and sex? Kind of a parody of a rock ‘n roll song?

Jon That feels right. Less obvious and lame than Zappa or somebody.

Chris Yeah. Zappa at his worst could be pretty bad. And this is coming from a Zappa fan.

Jon Lord yes, haha.

Chris I think this is the first song at least on this disc that’s legit danceable.

Jon Yeah! I wonder how long they jammed on the original tape. I can see teenagers enjoying this. In some era or another.

Chris Yeah.

Jon Popular teenagers, not us.

Chris Haha correct.

Jon We’re the assholes who sneak this on at a party nobody knows why we were even invited to.

Chris Like, if this was professionally produced in the early to mid 60s, it could be a hit.

Jon Definitely.

Chris Dude oh man, I tried to get all these songs spun at parties that no one wanted to hear. I thought I was a quality crusader. It’s really embarrassing.

Jon Haha I think we all have had those moments.

Chris “Turn off the Lincoln Park and listen to THIS”

Chris *plays Weird Al*

Jon One time at a party I was hosting with roommates I’d made up like 4 or 5 mix CDs for the changer in the living room and some random attendee swapped a disc out…? I almost screamed. I was like OH I’m SORRY DO YOU LIVE HERE. I DID NOT KNOW YOU PAID RENT FUCKER.

Chris Haha oh shit yeah that would’ve killed me. What did they swap in? Do you remember? Is it burned in?

Jon Some screamo bullshit I think, that people were like 5-yrs-ago nostalgic for. It was fine in any other context, but I was livid haha.

Chris :D

Jon This song feels like Break me Off a Piece of That KIT KAT BAR, btw.

Chris Oh shit!

Jon Took me so long to put together why that descending riff felt familiar.

Chris Why are you right about that? That’s insane. Now I’m just waiting for THAT song to kick in. “FINISH THE RIFF, DEVO!!!”

Jon Jingle writers are some practitioners of the darkest magicks.

Chris :p Yeah I bet they are. Scouring the world for hooks to lift.