De-Evolution is Real!




Chris Let’s move on to one of the few purely numerical songs in existence, 37.

Jon Sounds good!

Chris Alright. In 3, 2, 1, now!

Jon Another ‘50s rock song.

Chris Yeah. Dirty salmon.

Jon Ha.

Chris Feels like a heavy pastiche.

Jon Way more into it than when Zappa did it. Not to keep bringing him up.

Chris Haha. Zappa is the artist we talk about the most besides Devo.

Jon Seemingly yeah. He was the first to do a lot of things, but also the most bugshit annoying example in most cases.

Chris Lol yeah. Did Zappa do a version of this?

Jon Nah I just mean this style of song/satire(?).

Chris Right right.

Jon I like this double tracked solo. Very Velvet Underground.

Chris Yeah it’s good.

Jon I can’t tell if it’s just delayed, or two separate takes.

Chris Slide effect on the keys. I like these lyrics actually.

Jon All in all a tight little song.

Chris Nothing objectionable.

Jon Yeah it works better than it maybe should.

Chris Ha yeah, agreed. It’s a satire(?) being jealous(?) of how stupid someone is. On paper, pretty rough. In practice, not bad.

Jon Yeah! The fact that the cadence works nicely is a big help I think.

Chris Yeah. It’s a tight little pop song.

Jon Yeah!

Chris The melody also sounds really familiar. Could just be the style.

Jon Yeah that descending walking blues bass line. Very ‘50s rock/doo wop.

Chris Sounds a bit like a Ramones song.

Jon Oh I can see that working! Both in style and form.

Chris Sheena is a Punk Rocker. The verse.

Jon Definitely.

Chris Straight ahead rock n’ roll type thing. But with a solo lol. We should start another “let’s shit on Zappa” blog. It’ll be like the Frasier to this thing’s Cheers.

Jon Hahaha I’d be so into that. Just being fucking exhausted with everything but a couple of the Mothers albums. Maybe Hot Rats gets a pass.

Chris I think I’d end up defending about a quarter of it? There’s gems I think. But…they need excavating.

Jon I think the late ‘70s/early ‘80s is where he gets into shock-jock cringe territory.

Chris Yes correct. He changed styles. And became oppressively douchey. And then he did classical suites, so idk.

Jon Haha yeah. ANYway.

Chris Instrumental guitar albums.

Jon Another blog for another time.

Chris That’s right! Just a small preview folks.